What is Permaculture and where does it come from. 1-20-22

Permaculture is a design science based on natural laws. I always like to start by defining the critical aspects of something when starting out looking at a science and an overall scope of an activity.

So, what is nature?

Origin of the word ‘nature’

First recorded in 1200-50 Middle English (denoting the physical power of a person): from Old French, from Latin natura conditions of ‘birth, nature, quality’, from nat- ‘born’, from the verb nasci.

nature, in the broadest sense, is the natural, physical, material world or universe. “Nature” can refer to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. The study of nature is a large, if not the only, part of science. Although humans are part of nature, human activity is often understood as a separate category from other natural phenomena.[1]

Further – the word nature is borrowed from the Old French nature and is derived from the Latin word natura, or “essential qualities, innate disposition”, and in ancient times, literally meant “birth“.[2] In ancient philosophy, natura is mostly used as the Latin translation of the Greek word physis (φύσις), which originally related to the intrinsic characteristics of plants, animals, and other features of the world to develop of their own accord.[3][4] The concept of nature as a whole, the physical universe, is one of several expansions of the original notion;[1] it began with certain core applications of the word φύσις by pre-Socratic philosophers (though this word had a dynamic dimension then, especially for Heraclitus), and has steadily gained currency ever since.

Within the various uses of the word today, “nature” often refers to geology and wildlife. Nature can refer to the general realm of living plants and animals, and in some cases to the processes associated with inanimate objects—the way that particular types of things exist and change of their own accord, such as the weather and geology of the Earth. It is often taken to mean the “natural environment” or wilderness—wild animals, rocks, forest, and in general those things that have not been substantially altered by human intervention, or which persist despite human intervention. For example, manufactured objects and human interaction generally are not considered part of nature, unless qualified as, for example, “human nature” or “the whole of nature”. This more traditional concept of natural things that can still be found today implies a distinction between the natural and the artificial, with the artificial being understood as that which has been brought into being by a human consciousness or a human mind. Depending on the particular context, the term “natural” might also be distinguished from the unnatural or the supernatural

(some editing to clarify has been done on these definitions)

More usual definitions:

Nature: the sum total of the forces at work throughout the universe.

The universe, with all its phenomena:

The nature of something is its basic quality or character.

The fundamental qualities of a person or thing; identity or essential character

The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.‘the breathtaking beauty of nature’ The physical force regarded as causing and regulating these phenomena.

Why was Permaculture Design created and why was it needed?

The founder Bill Mollison, a visionary, saw how the mismanagement of land was leading to the destruction of the fertility and ability of vast parts of the earth to sustain life. After trying for 7 years in Australia to get saner policies put in place there, but only running into political self interest and special interests, realized he had to step back and find another way to affect sanity and good management. He went into the outback of Australia for 4 years and observed nature, to understand what was going wrong, what worked in nature, and what the underlying laws were at work. He identified about 23 principles and worked out how they work together. This is the science of design we call Permaculture.

Looking at the definitions above, from many sources and dictionaries I find interestingly many of the definitions of nature particularly exclude people and their activities as if they are not part of nature and aren’t subject to the same rules and forces at work. This has led to a distinction which separates people from the combined effort of life on the planet or the universe from the idea of nature. In that way people have become separated from nature as if it can survive independent of them or they can survive independent of it. This separateness has led to abuses of the overall system based on philosophical and attitudinal separateness which allow for those abuses to the effect of lowering our survival through ignorance or stupidity (the un-knownness of time, place, form and event, (LRH) i.e. obliviousness). It’s easy to step on a rattle snake if you don’t realize it can kill you. It’s easy to cut down all the trees in Brazil if you don’t know or care that by doing so you have just destroyed the source of rain for the whole region (as was done several years ago by a sociopathic politician there in Brazil who decided growing soy and GMO corn was going to make him rich).

The earth is a closed system with the exception of forces of the cosmos (solar storms, meteors, colliding galaxies, suns going nova etc).

 But as a life habitat, supporting all the life forms and related activities of life, earth is interdependent within that closed system. You can’t effect a cause on one side of the planet without it affecting all systems. The effect may be minimal if small in terms of changing conditions overall, but in enough volume or over enough time, it can shift the effects set up to support life. Those interdependent relationships have been set up over millennia. Life has evolved within the confines of those effects and life forms depending on their location and their natures, and have formed genetically to withstand those forces and effects. And they have learned to live with each other mostly in cooperation; though as needed they have set up competition to strengthen and effect changes to keep their forms alive.

It’s always an experiment in change as life forms come and go, being extinct or reforming to meet needs. Evolution isn’t something that happened millions of years ago only. It’s going on constantly. Life is volatile, nimble, and opportunistic – attributes which are part of their long term survival and are present in all life forms of nature. The ability to change and out-create barriers and difficulties is endemic in all life.

However, the overall system set up on this planet has been worked out for millions if not billions of years and is consistently able to seemingly intelligently evolve in order to survive. Survival being the overall modus operendi of life and its motivation. All life forms obey this one command – survive. (LRH)

It’s nimble enough to withstand catastrophic changes, disasters, destruction, disease, natural forces from the cosmos (such as meteors, fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.) and still survive. It’s long term nature and the aspects set up in each cell, every genetic pattern, includes this urge to survive, reproduce, withstand trauma and keep going, heal, thrive, work energetically to keep going. Doesn’t matter the species or form. From the tiniest microbe to the largest animal, tree, fungi, swarm, community of life forms, it is set up to overcome difficulties and keep going.

It’s life force, pure and not physical universe, but pure spirit, interacting upon the physical to have a game and game field for life.

All parts of the universe contain life. They are finding even the most distant apparently empty parts of space contain microbes and other life forms. Life is always acting upon the physical universe. They are even finding life forms in volcanic fields, the deepest parts of the ocean, the highest peaks of almost no atmosphere, and other apparently uninhabitable places in the universe. Life is unrelenting.

So, when we little humans on this little out of the way planet on the outermost arm of a medium sized galaxy think we can alter things drastically without ever testing to see what the overall effect is to life, we are acting without wisdom, vision, or even common sense. Which isn’t to say we shouldn’t keep trying to survive better and better. But doing it halfway and only see what we can create without seeing the overall long term effect that has on everything else invites disaster.

Like introducing disease pathogens into a population to lower the numbers for political ends, or broadcasting frequencies with huge power behind them which cause chaos in the life forms, without seeing what the long term effect is simply irresponsible at best, and criminal and monstrous at the worst. One would think that someone wants to kill off the people here on this little blue planet.

If it affected only people, that’s bad enough, but life operates along energetic frequency bands which are part of their operation, and when those are altered or damaged, the communication between the cells and the systems within those life forms becomes altered and the life form has to struggle to operate or succumbs.

When poisons are entered into the soil, which support the plant life, this affects the animals that depend on the food source and the oxygen generation from those plants. It affects the microbe population that is responsible for converting minerals in the soil to a form roots can uptake them, thus create fertile soil. When the foods we eat are polluted with those poisons ultimately, the health is likewise converted.

Ever wonder why so many people now have cancer? Poisons, lack of nutrition from food grown from infertile soil, energetic frequencies disrupting the natural processes of the cells causing disease, are some of the reasons for these unhealthy conditions and outcomes.

Returning to the source of life on earth, and the system we call nature returns us to the foundation of long term survival. It has worked out the kinks for a lot longer than this week’s scientific experiment being played out on the planet.

So, first understanding how nature works, isolating the laws that govern it, being able to repair the systems disrupted, and restoring health to all aspects of it recreates the order of nature, bringing with it a thriving life population from the tiniest to the largest, and in the middle, people. Then if people are wise, they keep their population in line with the ability to feed them without the chemicals and poisons, (live within your harvest, an old Persian saying), moving away from the necessity to have wars over resources. Plentifulness and order, good management and intelligent education along those lines gives life the ability to withstand the pressures and catastrophes the physical stresses of a planet dole out.

This is the science of Permaculture Design.

Based on the ethic of “Care of the Planet, Care of People, Equitable use of the abundance created by the first two ethics, it keeps all the efforts of it aligned towards survival, not profit for a few. Profit can be had by all by using these principles of behavior and effort.

Then looking at the use of the planet in terms of those laws in both the creation of food, resources, and society, by aligning with nature, we use nature as an ally and gain the strength and base of operations based on those millions of years of survival. Then it’s a matter of applying those laws to gain yield through effort, and healing where needed.

Permaculture originally came from Permanent Agriculture, based on years of observation by Bill Mollison, an Australian and his vision of how to restore health to a troubled agricultural and land use system which was obviously failing. But later as people realized that by aligning to nature, not only the land can be restored but also society, finance, trade, and other factors it became Permanent Culture.

On a smaller scale, the design elements combine to view a given stretch of land to bring about greater yield, healing where needed, better efficient use of resources and the energy to maintain it best managed. The science involves a set of principles called precepts, which identify the laws that nature exists by. Then techniques using those laws have been worked out to wisely utilize the resources, or develop them, so that greater yield with less need for energy or outside resources are needed.

It broadly takes in successful techniques which operate within these natural laws, including organic agriculture, water catchment management and use, architecture, animal husbandry which is humane and beneficial, transportation, waste management, basic utilities of energy, and sewage processing, all on scales from one’s back yard to whole areas of the planet. Understanding how nature works, it starts making sense how to approach living on planet earth in the most beneficial, but high yield and efficient use. It’s a fascinating science.

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Home Remedies for treating Upper Respiratory or CV viral infections DIY 1-11-22

People are writing me that they are getting CV or some other kind of nasty flu bug or upper respiratory infection now. My husband and I are just getting over a very gnarly upper respiratory kind of flu bug which we have had for over the last 6 weeks. Totally unexpected as we aren’t out and about much and both of us have good immune systems. But it took getting a protocol of herbs, energetics and colloidal silver to bust it.

I used what I had on hand when we first started feeling ‘off’ but not the full power push I usually do and dosing up.

We were stupid and went to the ER when my husband was particularly sick and I went because I was worried about him, and I was sick too. We were ‘diagnosed’ (no testing, the hospital doctor refused any other tests but covid test and rubber stamped it, lack of science).

We were stupid and went to the ER when my husband was particularly sick and I went because I was worried about him, and I was sick too. We were ‘diagnosed’ (no testing, the hospital doctor refused any other tests but covid test and rubber stamped it, lack of science).

So, I turned to my doctor in California who is holistic, an herbalist and Naturopath. He sent us a protocol which is the only thing that has worked. But I didn’t realize when we first got it that it was anything but a little cold and didn’t immediately start taking my usual herbs and minerals (which blew covid out in 5 1/2 hours two years ago.) I was busy and wasn’t paying attention. Then it really took hold.

So, when I got out of the brain fog this thing gave both of us I started researching back thru my data and realized my mistake. I’ve since posted several blog posts on this blogsite which I recommend you go to now before you get sick. Prevention is worth a pound of cure in this case.

So, when I got out of the brain fog this thing gave both of us I started researching back thru my data and realized my mistake. I’ve since posted several blog posts on this blogsite which I recommend you go to now before you get sick. Prevention is worth a pound of cure in this case.

Here is what we did (along with that protocol from my doctor friend), which I think will help anyone if you catch it immediately with the first sniffle, sneeze, cough, slight fever and/or headache:

Treating covid or URI with home remedies

One thing having been thru this nasty upper respiratory illness recently are some things that might help blow this thing out of the water faster for you. Pine Needle tea several times a day. See my blog article on how to make it listed in recent archives.

Detox Baths every day or so. Hot water as you can stand, 1 cup Epsom salt, 1/2 cup Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, 1 cup Borax (20 mule team), and a squirt of shampoo to make the water wetter. Stay in at least 40 minutes and drink pure water in the bath. When I do this the water turns gray from what comes out, powerful treatment. Use a scruffy wash cloth, brush or loofa sponge on your skin to let the toxins out of your skin.

Elderberry syrup or tincture or tea couple times a day. If you don’t have access to the syrup or the tincture, Sombuco brand at Walgreens is elderberry and works. Also usually you can pick up a similar product at most health food stores. I grow elderberry and make my own tincture and syrup.

Olive Leaf Tincture or extract (Vitamin Shop, they will ship) 3 capsules first feeling of being off or just start with that if you are already sick, then one per waking hour for a few days till well.

Chicken soup (not Campbells, it’s loaded with junk). Organic chicken and pure water with rice and some vegetables is the best – we used to call it Jewish Penicillin lovingly.

If you can find it – it’s an old time remedy for the lungs – horehound lozenges or candy, taken as needed.

Also, we found Fisherman’s Friend cough drops to be very effective.

Hyland’s homeopathic #5 Kali Mur. 6x has been helpful.

And Colloidal silver (which is in our doctor’s protocol) several times a day is effective.

REST. Get as much sleep as you can, drink lots of water and STAY OFF ANY SUGAR!!!! This is critical as sugar lowers immune response. The only exception is the horehound candy which actually the sugar helps the herb get into the cell.

If your lungs are filling up with mucus, steam breathing or a mister with essential oils like eucalyptus or camphor helps open up the bronchi in the lungs releasing the mucus.The detox bath helps with this too.

Feel better! And stay home! We don’t need this to spread any more than it is. We had to go out for groceries but wore masks, nitrile gloves and stayed as short a time as possible.

This blog is meant only as non-professional advice, and is sharing of an experience not medical advice. I recommend a holistic health care professional at this time but it’s advice not protocol. I am not a trained professional herbalist or professional. Use at your own risk. Only sharing what worked for my husband and I.

Diann Dirks

P.S. If you are interested in having the contact with my doctor in California PM me at Georgia Dirks on FB and I will send you the information.

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How to Make Pine Needle Tea 1-5-22

In my last blog article I talked about the benefits of making and drinking Pine Needle Tea for a number of healthful reasons. But I realized I never told you how to make it. So here is how to do it.

Gather pine needles. Pine trees’ needles are arrayed around a central stem like a bottle brush. Don’t mistake this for other kinds of evergreen trees. Best trees for this in this area are White pine and/or Loblolly pine. green plant in close up photographyI look for long needled pine trees which are back off from a roadway or congested area to keep from ingesting contaminated needles from car exhaust. To harvest these needles without harming the trees, I hold onto the end of a branch with needles with one hand and run my other hand making a v with my index finger and thumb running it from the end back towards the tree gathering needles. They snap right off from the stem without harming the tree. Do that only once per branch, leaving the needles on the top and sides of the branch, gathering in a bag or container. Leave the little brown end where the needles attach to the stem as these contain many of the beneficial substances.

You’ll need a bunch about the diameter of a dime for a cup of tea, and about a quarter sized for a pot of tea. I gather a lot at one time keeping unused ones in the frig. They last up to about a week when cool.

Wash them off with water and let them dry before storing in the frig. in a plastic bag. Or use immediately to brew a fresh cup or pot. Cut the needles with the little brown nibs about an inch long with scissors (I hold the whole bunch at a time and sheer them off into the pot or cup). Boil some pure water – filtered or well or spring water. I never use tap water! It contains so many contaminants.

Fill the cup or pot with boiling water and the appropriate amount of cut up needles, and leave about 5 minutes, covering it. The pine needles do not contain tannic acid which is what makes ordinary tea brown, it stays clear looking. But the color of the needles change from a bright bluish green to an avocado colored green. You can strain out the needles or leave them in just don’t eat them as they are rather tough. This will taste lovely like smelling a pine forest. Some people like to add a bit of honey but I love it plain. Drink it while hot or warm.

If I am feeling ill or vulnerable to an exposure, I drink several cups of this a day. It keeps virus from attaching to the cell and infecting the body. It also is loaded with Vitamin C and other nutrients and plant compounds which are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antibiotic in nature. It is immune boosting. And you can’t over-do it.

After making this tea in the same cup or tea pot it will build up a layer of resin like coating from the pine sap in the needles and nibs. I devote a tea pot to this, but still I like to clean it out now and then. The best way to clean this off is with a ball of cotton and Everclear grain alcohol. (Don’t use rubbing alcohol as it is toxic). It’s the only thing that works. I’ve tried a lot of other things to no avail. I make tincture with Everclear so I have it on hand, but you can purchase a small bottle of it at a liquor store for this purpose if you plan on doing a lot of tea making.

The needles once used can go into the compost pile or use as mulch.

I have isolated a couple of places I can harvest these needles so I’m not over-harvesting a single tree or little area. If you harvest as I recommend above, the needles will regrow on the stem and can be re-harvested after awhile.

Spruce can also be used for this, but they don’t grow here so I can’t make my tea with it. But if you live where they grow, make sure of your identification, and carefully harvest.

As I said in my earlier blog article, pine needle tea has been used for ages as a medicinal tea and beverage. It was used in Russia during WWII medicinally when they couldn’t get commercially made antibiotics. I have used this for many years successfully to fight off cold and flu.

You can also take the needles and make an alcohol tincture with them using grain alcohol letting it sit for 4 to 6 weeks, an excellent way to preserve it and have it on hand all the time. And use it for the same purpose as the tea. It’s tasty too. Fill a quart Mason jar about half full of the cut up needles, fill to the shoulder of the jar, cover tightly and leave in a dark cool cabinet till it is done tincturing. Take it by the dropperful. I like it in tea or my coffee, or in juice or water.

Another way you can benefit from pine tree medicine is to collect the sap/rosin which seeps out on the trunks in light yellow/tan globs. You can make tincture with this as well as add a few shavings of it into boiling water.

The sap can also be made into a wonderfully healing salve or ointment but that is for another article.

Just to say, pine trees are very beneficial. I hate it when people think they are weed trees and take them down to make big lawns.

The little spring budding at the ends of the stems make a delightful edible snack, and many other things are edible from this tree including the pollen. So, cherish these beautiful trees.

Diann Dirks


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Pine Needle Tea and Other Natural Herbs to fight viral infections – Strategies to stay healthy.

By Diann Dirks

One of those natural remedies almost lost to time is the immune boosting and bug fighting tea of the Pine Needle. Hunters have known about this forever, making a delicious natural tea from the needles of Spruce or Pine tree (just not red pine) in the woods to warm the belly and hold off colds and flu. But now it turns out it also protects people from the toxic effects of the spike proteins being shed by people who have been vaccinated. *

I’ve known about drinking pine needle tea and for years demonstrated it at Fort Yargo where I do 1700’s living history once a month. It has been known for a very long time and in many parts of the world. One lady came up to me at Fort Yargo while I was making this tea one time. She said she was from Russia and they used this tea during WWII when they couldn’t get antibiotics, or for flu, colds or other bacterial or viral infections.

One of our living history members would get flu, bronchitis or a cold starting almost at the first freezing weather in the winter and stay sick almost all winter. I shared some of the tea; she loved it, and started drinking it all winter. She never got sick again in cold weather.

Now we are faced with immune threatening illnesses almost non-stop for going on 3 years. From my own observation people who have been vaxed aren’t necessarily immune to it, and people living with those who have been are turning up sick with mysterious illnesses when not even exposed to covid. So, who is right? I only know that if one’s immune system is in good order, you stay off the sugar which makes people vulnerable to bacterial, fungal, yeast or mold disorders or viruses, and take care of themselves, even if exposed, they tend to throw off whatever they are exposed to.

But I have found that at the first sign of feeling off, if you start to treat the immune system first – boosting it and staying off the sugar – it tends to turn around quickly. Then if you take the necessary steps to help your body fight it off with natural means, it is quickly handled. Or if you are already in the throws of the bug, if you add these things to your regimen it helps speed recovery and helps with uncomfortable symptoms. They can help lessen coughing, lower fevers, and help with achy muscles and soreness.

There are several plant based remedies that I turn to and if I catch it fast, I’m almost not aware of being sick it goes by so fast. But there’s one nasty one at least that is going around that is not covid, and I’m told it is the result of the shedding of the spike proteins from vaccinated people. This protein carries the RNA/DNA of covid and whatever else is in the vaccine, and can wreck havoc in even healthy people. And because vaccinated people are unaware that they are shedding, they are out in the public, in the work place, church, everywhere leaving behind these proteins which can lodge in the cell and start replicating. So it’s almost impossible to avoid exposure. The key is keeping the protein from the virus from attaching to the cell. Once attached, it works its way into the cell like a parasite and infects then replicates to other cells. So prevention can save a lot of misery.

So having something that fights or closes the cell against this invasion is critical. I know of a couple of things I’m seeing that do this. One is dandelion leaf tea. ** It has to be real dandelion, so be sure you ID your herb correctly. You can pick the leaves off the dandelions in your hard if you haven’t sprayed weed killer or other chemicals on them. Or you can purchase dandelion leaves on line in one of the herb companies I’ve listed below. It makes a nice tea or you can add it to soups or stews.

There are many herbs that do this activity – blocking the virus from attaching to the cell, thus avoiding infection. Besides Pine Needle Tea and Dandelion, there are quite a few others that do this. Figwort (scrophularia, S. scorodonia in particular) has shown to be effective in blocking the corona virus by preventing attachment – aka Xuan Shen in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Fresh ginger heated tea (called a decoction where you continue to heat the water in a simmer for some time) then can be drunk and extra kept in the frig. Ginger is one of those herbs that in almost any form you take it it helps the whole body. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory helping with swelling and achiness, but it also prevents viral replication and keeps the virus from attaching to the cell. It also helps with digestion and can help with nausea if that’s one of the other symptoms coming with the bug. It’s available almost everywhere. I’d avoid drinking ginger ale unless it’s the only way you can get someone to take it, but make sure it actually is ginger based, not artificially flavored. Sugar in the soda can act to slow the immune response if abused. But the sugar can deliver the herb medicine into the cell too. Don’t drink artificial sweetened soda like with aspartame which is a nerve toxin. A good natural ginger ale handles nausea quite nicely. Also Sushi ginger works well too, just chew on a few pieces of it off and on. It blows nausea quite quickly.  

Here is a site that covers many others that do this: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/antiviral-herbs#The-bottom-line

The list from this site is pretty impressive and I’ll bet you have access to several of them.

But there are many common spices or herbs you probably have in your kitchen cabinets or can obtain at your local health food store which fight viruses. Some of my favorites I make myself such as elderberry syrup or tincture, taken several times a day when feeling off or sick has been very beneficial. I grow elderberries here at Hillside Gardens, harvesting and freezing what I can’t use immediately. From this I make syrup and tincture. This is one of the most powerful anti-viral remedies I know of, and it’s very pleasant. For a child the syrup is easily taken. I take both. If I’m feeling something coming on I dose up with the syrup (kept in the frig) several times a day. If I’m full on sick, I take that and also tincture one or two times a day. Some people have a reaction to this so try a bit and see how it goes down. Reaction is very rare. Also it is sold commercially as Sombucol at Walgreen drug store. It is usually available in most health food or vitamin stores as well.

Another favorite is olive leaf extract. This is one of my go-to herbs at the first sign of feeling ‘off’. It is available in capsule form at Vitamin Shoppe or other stores, or online. I have had great success with starting off with 3 capsules immediately, then one per waking hour until I’m well, usually no more than 3 days. Some people have a reaction to this herb though. My intern can only take it right before bedtime. Try it, reactions such as that are rare and it’s very powerful.

Another powerful and favorite home remedies I especially like is to get some Wild Oregano essential oil, and to one ounce of olive oil, I add about 40 drops of the essential oil. Then I shake and bang it on my hand about 80 times till it is well assimilated. This one is easy – just put 3 drops of the mixed oil on the back of the hand and lick it off. I do this several times a day. It’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial. The oil seems to be the best form to take this in in my experience. It is pleasant tasting and powerful.

Other anti-viral herbs include Sweet Basil or Holy Basil (known as Tulsi) taken as a tea. Fennel extract, garlic extract, peppermint extract or tincture, Rosemary extract, Echinacea extract (taken only for no more than 3 weeks, than rest for one week, then return only 3 weeks at a stretch), Licorice extract, astragalus extract, ginseng extract are usually easily available. Other favorites are Sage either dry or oil or as tea, thyme essential oil or tea, lemon balk tea or essential oil, garlic fresh – one clove crushed and minced swallowed all at once then chased with water or something flavorful is a powerful anti-viral and anti-biotic, several times a day, and lastly Turmeric in the form of curcumin taken with black pepper to allow it to be absorbed in capsules – all these remedies are anti-viral. They can be taken alone or in combination. Use what you can get. I usually like to start out with one at a time and see how it helps or watch for any reaction. I have chosen these because of their usual lack of bad reaction and ease of obtaining as well as effectiveness.

Rosemary reduces congestion. It is also helpful with mood and memory. Take as tincture, powdered in capsule, or tea, or in food.

There are supplements which help the body throw off infection which I take all the time but increase when fighting off an illness. Vitamin C – my favorite is in a gentler form such as EsterC – taken from 5,000 to 10,000 mg at a time. This is a therapeutic dose. The common wisdom is to start lower and increase. When it starts causing diarrhea, back off the dose as this is the tolerance level. Vitamin C is a crucial immune system vitamin.

Vitamin D3 is another crucial element in fighting off an infection. Actually it is a kind of hormone which acts to regulate a lot of other functions in the body. It’s the result of sunlight on the body and is a natural thing the body uses to stay healthy. But in our lives we rarely get enough sunshine and in fighting off disease it are crucial to have it at an optimum level. You can get your body tested for your own levels. I usually take between 5,000 to 10,000 iu per day and have for years. Just this one vitamin can make the difference in the strength of your immunity. Not just for virus either, it affects the body as a whole in multiple ways. You don’t have to test for it, but a test is available and can be helpful in difficult diagnosis.

Zinc is a mineral crucial to fighting virus. It must be delivered into the cell to be effective and because it is a pretty big molecule it requires help getting in there. Taking quercetin with it is crucial for delivery into the cell. Pure Bulk.com has quercetin in powered form you can encapsulate yourself.

N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is a powerful supplement for respiratory illnesses and immunity and can be purchased online or at a health food store. Follow the directions on the bottle.

A Traditional Chinese Medicine herb is Baicalin. It’s used for viral infections and immunity.

St. John’s Wort is antiviral by altering the proteins in the virus and keeps it from entering the cell. It is recommended to take 450 mg 2x day for one month then upping that to 900 mg 2x day. This is also used for mood altering and relaxing. If you are taking anti-depressants make sure you check with your doctor before mixing this in your system.

I’m lucky in that I grow about 150 medicinal herbs in my garden and treating DIY and home remedy is easy for us because I just take my basket out into the garden and pick what I need, making a tea or tinctures, oils, extracts or whatever else I need. I also have a nice dehydrator and dry my herbs, powder them, and use them in capsules. But for you who don’t have this bounty, many of the things I have listed above can be a trip to the grocery or health food store. If you need to go online these things are also available in many places such as Starwest Botanical, Pure Bulk, Bulk Apothecary, Mountain Rose Herb Co, Frontier Herb Co, Herbalcom.com, or Vitamin Shop. I usually like the bulk herb sites because I fill my own capsules and save money. IHerb is another one I like. Ebay has a number of capsule filling devices for sale, and purebulk.com sells the empty capsules by the thousand at a good price. Do your homework and save money.

Another reason I like to fill my own capsules is many of the vitamin companies add things into their vitamins I consider unhealthful such as fillers, micro cellulose, and magnesium stearate. Using your own herbs or pure powder forms ensures you know what you are taking. I also don’t like taking tablets because the compression processing makes many of these pills so hard they don’t break down in the body and are basically useless. A friend of mine who professionally does high colonic cleanses told me he regularly flushes out multiple tablets out of the colon still hard and undigested. Why waste money and fill up your colon with junk. Not to mention you think you are getting what you need in supplements and nothing is absorbed.

A note about illnesses. We are exposed to so many disease causing factors in modern society. Bacteria, virus, pathogens of many kinds such as chemicals and heavy metals, parasites and toxins makes staying healthy sometimes a real tricky business. My advice and something I take very seriously is to keep boosting my immune system by regular detoxing strategies such as detoxing baths (see other of my articles in the blog about how to do this), taking detoxing herbs such as milk thistle for the liver, and burdock for overall detoxification, drinking pure water (never never never drink tap water, it’s loaded with so much bad stuff, you’d never drink it if you read the water reports), and avoiding exposure to toxins and harmful substances where possible. I like using the sauna if I have access and sweating out what I can. The skin is designed to help you detox this way. I keep physically active so the lymphatic system can circulate, pulling toxins and poisons away from the cells and eliminating them.

Get outside and breathe oxygen rich air. Get sunshine and get your feet on the ground to absorb all those free electrons the earth gifts us – this is called grounding and it is the best possible way to eliminate free radicals which are generated in the body all the time, causing mutation in the cells, and fighting immunity.

I do my best to avoid EMF damage by not using high G electronics – 5 G radiation causes many of the same symptoms as covid. I don’t sleep in the same room with my cell phone, computer or television. And I don’t have wifi which is a really big source of damaging EMFs (Elecromagnetic frequencies). But if you do have wifi at home, turn it off before you go to bed or anytime you aren’t using it. The damaging effects of this are just now starting to show up in the research and it isn’t good.

Keep the body active and moving. Do what you can to increase laughter (very good for the immune system). Get your hands in the dirt because this too helps the immune system, one of the great benefits of gardening.

One thing I have found most beneficial, I don’t watch TV, especially the news. It’s spiritually draining having all that constant bad news and strife in the soul. We only watch movies and specific TV shows, but not CNN or other news outlets. This has made a big difference in our mental and spiritual health.

Staying healthy requires now that you are aware of the good and the bad in daily living. Stay away from GMO foods, junk food, processed food (as much as possible), and eat as much home grown organic or locally grown organic food as you can fit into your budget.

Get a good filter on your water faucet and don’t expect bottled water to be much better than tap water.# Be sure to drink enough water during the day. Adding some fresh lemon juice to it helps keep the pH balance in your body away from acidity which is one way to boost your immune system. Acidic conditions in the body invite disease. Lemon water though seemingly acidic actually does the opposite thing in the body and helps the body stay neutral.

Conventional treatment and prevention of current viral illnesses is big news and is in every aspect of our culture now. Taking the vaccine is now so heavily promoted in every aspect of life that even talking about it can cause very big emotional response from people. I keep in mind that everything I have read about these three iterations of the vaccine being promoted aren’t really vaccines in the traditional sense but in fact are gene therapies and in the development stages when they were testing on animals, every animal tested died. This is public record.

These pharmaceutical substances were released into the public arena for human consumption without the usual 7 to 10 year studies normally required by any regulatory agency releasing pharmaceutical substances for use. So, we are the test subjects. Every study I have seen about the reporting systems used by the CDC and other regulatory systems are compromised so I don’t know what we are being told is actually real because there is too much controversy on the results. So, since getting an injection bypasses every protective system in the body which would otherwise take care of unnatural or dangerous substances being introduced into the body this makes the body vulnerable in ways we don’t even know completely. But the information I have seen says that one of the ingredients is about 50 million spike proteins, though I have trouble checking internet information so I have to go by multiple reporting sources. Researching this seems to have been made complicated by this lack of correct reporting. So, my standby thoughts are if it isn’t clear cut and transparent, and there are indications of a problem, I wait and see. Especially key is use on young children whose immune systems aren’t fully developed. I ask myself what are we doing? Do we even know. Taking or not taking this is of course a matter of choice. The basis of freedom is freedom of choice. Mandates go against this basic freedom.

Part of being a member of a free society is the right to question. When it comes to health situations I question everything. I have spent a good part of this life researching and being curious, finding my own answers, and following my own intuition, logic, knowingness, and science. Be curious and don’t just buy the consensus. I always want to know who benefits from big promotional campaigns and huge trends. In Germany in the 1930, Hitler had huge followings, mass meetings, big social pressure to go along with everything being fed to the public. Look what happened to those people in that society. I’m an historian and this contains big lessons in life. So, ask questions. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.

One thing I love about using natural remedies from plants is that we have had thousands of years to study the effects of these things and modern science has gone the extra mile in researching them not just thru observation of very acute observers such as healers in various successful healing methods such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, including India’s Ayervedic medicine, and even Cherokee herbalism, but also in the scientific labs. Their problems are well known and we’ve had the chance to weed out the bad ones long ago. What is left are the ones I’ve found above. Side effects are almost non-existent, and rare. Crossing some of them with commercial pharmaceuticals may cause a problem so I always advise you check with your doctor before using any of these remedies. But if you aren’t on regular prescriptions, the ones I have mentioned are usually safe and side effect free. Just make sure if you are foraging for them or growing them, make very good identifications and be sure before taking anything. Stop using them if you notice any bad reactions because we never know if someone might have an allergic reaction. Forage only in spray free or contaminated areas. And if you know of a good herbalist, naturopath, or alternative health care provider, it doesn’t hurt to have some guidance. Do your own research too. Stay curious.

Nature is powerful. We are part of nature, every man, woman, and child in this world is part of the overall pattern of life here. When we use nature to help it usually comes through. I am always in awe of those relationships with nature and the depth and breadth of the help it provides. We are blessed in this world with what is provided by that little plant growing up out of the soil. Be blessed.

I wish you well.

Diann Dirks,


# I am so impressed by a water filtration system I discovered several years ago that I have become a distributor to help my friends. Contact me if you are interested. It’s the best on the market, even taking out radiation.

* https://thetruthaboutvaccines.com/pine-needle-tea/?fbclid=IwAR3FdUhaZUCjRZ7945P4vVVJRnki96Ft3ctGH-fZglV-5sxKjypXxnNJYoc

** https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3265450/

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Handling a rather nasty Upper Respiratory Illness with herbs and essential oils. 12-27-21

At a time when so many people are hit with upper respiratory infections whether it be from Covid or any one of the pretty nasty lung type flu bugs going around, or from the  change of season when so many people come down with upper respiratory irritations from the dust blowing around from their heating ducts, it’s a good idea to know what herbs and essential oils can help with these problems.

My husband and I came down with a particularly nasty one with massive coughing, difficulty in breathing, tiredness, larengytis and trouble sleeping over the last month. At first, being a self-taught herbalist, I tried everything I could think of. But it was getting dire so my husband said we should go to the doctor. We don’t have a family doctor so we went to the local ER at the hospital. We thought we had pneumonia but at least a nasty upper respiratory infection of some kind.

At the ER at first the doctor insisted we do a covid test but we declined asking for more traditional testing like blood draw and lab work. This was denied. We were given chest xrays to count out pneumonia which didn’t show up. In a rather off-hand and arrogant manner this doctor decided to rubber stamp it. We tried the doctor solution – antibiotics, steroids and inhalers. This is what is used for a bacterial infection which was not established. As soon as these things ran out we were right back where we started. But because I don’t use antibiotics unless it’s a last resort, because of the damage it does to the gut beneficial microbes which comprise about 85% of the immune system, I was concerned that this was not only a waste of time but also damaging.

I have a wonderful alternative physician in California who helped me thru a number of bronchitis type illnesses over the years as when anything goes wrong with my body it usually ends up in the lungs. We refused the covid testing because of the information we learned that this test is about 97% false positive and the q-tip thing they stick up into your nose is actually a covert kind of vaccine – there is a space just between the sinuses and brain where the tissue is so thin things can penetrate into the brain if pushed hard enough. According to my research these test q-tips are topped with vaccine-like components which when pressed up against the brain behind the sinuses, you are getting a dose of the vaccine components. Since the way this is administered, just about pushing thru this thin little tissue, I’m very leary of getting that close to brain tissue besides the other information. So, we declined.

Instead I had my doctor in California do a remote testing and it turned out that we didn’t have a bacterial infection and bronchitis as we were diagnosed by the MD, but it was a combination of yeast, mold, fungi and virus. Antibiotics are useless against virus, and the other components of this illness aren’t usually handled by them. But he refused to do anything other than a covid test so he was just shooting in the dark. So much for MD practice these days.

We got a protocol of herbal medicines (mostly Chinese Traditional Herbs in a special formulation), colloidal silver, Vitamin A, and 4 energetic remedies from my wonderful Californai doctor. This started to immediately help. The antibiotics did nothing. Only a slight retreat of symptoms that came right back. We were grateful for this herbal+ treatment and continued taking them for 3+ weeks. We could tell it was working as the coughing became less horrible, we were breathing better, and were eventually able to sleep horizontally, whereas before we both had to sit up to sleep so we could breathe.

Apparently whatever this particular illness going around, and I’m not convinced at all it was covid since we didn’t have any of the other symptoms like loss of taste, fever, etc., it lingers. And the coughing though less severe has continued. One of the things I did notice though was brain fog.

Brain fog is a weird thing. You feel lethargic but I couldn’t really tell how far my thinking had diminished until I started feeling more ‘awake’. And all that time I was relying on my doctor’s vast knowledge to pull us thru. But there are a number of herbs that could have speeded our recovery beyond what we received from my friend if I was in my right mind and thinking it thru. So, once I started to recover, I started to revisit my research notes on lung support herbs and protocols and started taking some of them which I had on hand all along but forgot about while I was coughing my head off and trying to get enough oxygen into my lungs.

I realize that you probably don’t have access to the energetic preparations or herbal formulations from my doctor but you can certainly take Vitamin A several times a day, get yourself some colloidal silver and likewise take it 3 or 4 times a day. I’ll give you his contact information at the end of this article and you can get his help if you need it. You’ll have to send him a hair sample so he can test you. And his formuli are not inexpensive, but certainly well worth it. I love this guy and his tech. He’s saved my life a number of times over the years with his expertise. That being said, nothing else was working, but his remedies, so I’m grateful.

Let it be said that before we resorted to the ER and the MD there, I had tried every herbal remedy I knew of at the time to boost the immune system and nothing was working, and we got progressively worse until we got desperate and went the MD route. So my confidence in my own knowledge was considerably at a loss. But I was so sick I wasn’t thinking at my peak.

Here are the herbal remedies I have since revisited. Most of them I grow in my own organic herb garden so it’s a matter of walking out into the garden with a basket and a pair of clippers to harvest. But they are all available online with such herbal companies as Starwest Botanicals or Mountain Rose Herb Co. Once harvested from my own garden I then process them into various forms. I make powdered herbs which I encapsulate myself, or make tea, decoction or alcohol tinctures. I had on hand horehound candy but I also grow it. So we used the candy already made since my energy level has been so low any way I could to save work, we used what was on hand. But it’s not hard to make and I will make more when my horehound plant grows big enough to harvest.

Here are the herbs I found helpful:

Horehound is a marvelous lung herb. It’s a member of the mint family, very bitter, the leaves are used. Marribium vulgare – treats wet coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, loss of breath, removes phlegm from the lungs which gets impacted and accumulates in the throat, lungs or sinuses, wheezing, upper respiratory problems caused by phlegm, whooping cough, and sore throats (as a lozenge). Because of the bitterness it is often made into either a syrup or into candy lozenges. (You could take it as a tea but boy is it bitter.) It’s especially good for the elderly or children in those forms.

One of the most disturbing feature of this particular bug was how full the lungs became and stayed. Coughing to get it out was exhausting. I wish I had remembered this herb when we were at the worst part of the illness. You can purchase horehound ‘candy’ (actually a lozenge) online or sometimes in stores that carry old time things. I have had my jar of it for years and it’s still good. Don’t remember where I got it. Here is a recipe for the candy. Do your research, there’s lots on the internet about this herb. https://nittygrittylife.com/horehound-candy/?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-pug

Pine Needles and Pine Sap White or Loblolly Pine  and Spruce (never Red Pine which can be toxic) all being rich in Vitamin C and a number of antioxidants, antivirals, DNA/RNA protecting compounds, and antiseptic compounds called monoterpenes. These monoterpenes are antibacterial and antifungal, and are one of the reasons that pine has a history of use as a wash for fungal and other skin infections.  In addition to that particular chemical, pine is rich in a host of other constituents. It contains tannins, resins, essential oils, terpenes and a chemical called pinipricin. https://redearthwildcrafted.wordpress.com/2017/01/27/pine-tree-medicine/comment-page-1/

In fact pine is so medicinal that I was told by a Russian woman one day while I was demonstrating pine needle tea in my 1700’s living history group, that during WWII when the Russian people in northern Russia couldn’t get antibiotics they used pine needle tea. It’s so effective one of my friends in the living history group who used to suffer from flu every winter started drinking it and stopped having winter flues.

Pine offers needles, sap, in the spring catkins (edible and medicinal) and these forms can be made into tinctures, salves and ointments for skin problems, and tea. Pine is such a versatile and beneficial plant I’m wondering why more people don’t use this resource. Just having a few saplings in one’s yard can be a medicine chest in disguise.

The tincture and tea are expectorant (dislodges phlegm from the lungs and allows them to be coughed out) and a decongestant to free the lungs. Used in chronic disease (like chronic sinus infections, asthma, several heart conditions, liver protection and healing, sleep disorders, sinus headaches and pressure, memory loss, vision health,) it also boosts production of red and white blood cells for healing and health. It improves circulation which allows delivery of vital nutrients into the extremeties, and prevents blood clots, also regulating blood pressure. Helps heart, brain and liver as well as other organs.

The pine resin can be made into a chest rub to help with congestion, or mixed with other resin like plants such as Frankincense or Myrrh for additional benefits.

Frankincense as mentioned in the above article likewise helps lung healing and can be used in conjunction with pine sap – being a kind of resin it is easily combined in oils and tinctures.

Elecampane Inula helenium is a perennial herb where the root is the main part used, but the leaves and flowers can also be used as it contains many of the same components though in lesser amounts as the root. It treats cough, asthma, bronchitis, shortness of breath. When harvesting it the root should not be more than 3 years old (2 is better) as the roots get woody when too old. The roots are glutinous, aromatic, slightly bitter, pungent tasting with a camphor taste, and used to detox and as a tonic. It also promotes sweating which is good to blow off a fever, an expectorant (removes phlegm from the lungs), balancing, antiseptic, drying, mild sedative, antibacterial, a relaxant, and has been used traditionally to battle Tuberculosis. It helps reduce mucus from the lungs which aids breathing. It is used mainly as a cough medicine for chronic coughs, whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis and other lung disorders and respiratory difficulties. Helps with thick mucus in the lungs and trachea from inflamed mucus membranes, and emphysema. It’s especially effective in treating the chronic coughs of the elderly and congestion in kids.

It can be made into candy, a lozenge, tea, syrup, tincture, or decoction (simmered in water), or powdered and taken in capsule form.

It’s prepared as a decoction (simmering in water then either drunk as-is or made into a syrup) with honey or sugar. http://www.naturalremediescenter.com/5267/elecampane-for-cough-european-herbal-remedies/?fbclid=IwAR12eK-kuqTxjXHRcejXws4dUwLuAItmpkI0TWzpkLOyS6csuq5Gma-LUzU


Plurisy root – also called Butterfly Weed – Aesclepias tuberose – is a common flowering herb grown in gardens because it attracts and feeds Monarch butterflies. It is used medicinally for coughs, bronchitis, flu, swollen air sicks of the lungs (pneumonitis), muscle spasms and pain. It loosens mucus in the lungs to be coughed up, promotes sweating (helps blow a fever), and is so medicinal it has a host of applications. It was used by the American Indians as an anti-sposmodic (relieving spasms), detoxifying, a tonic, expectorant and a vaso dialator (opens up the blood vessels to lower blood pressure and congestion). It contains quercetin which helps the cells absorb zinc, an immune booster. It’s bitter so helps with digestion and also helps raise the pH of the body – an immune booster. It treats pleurisy and pneumonia, diarrhea, dysentery, chronic rheumatism, colds, flu, fever, colic, muscle tension, respiratory congestion and is overall healthy. It combines well with cayenne, lobelia (another lung herb), and ginger for lung congestion. Combines well with sassafras and angelica for colds, flu and fever as it promotes sweating. Used topically as a poultice of the root treats swelling, bruising, lameness, wounds and skin ulcers as well as lung issues. Here is more information on the use of pleurisy root:





Lungwort – Pulmonaria officinalis – is a flowering plant with purple flowers and wide leaves. The leaves are medicinal. It’s antibiotic, drying (astringent), helps with asthma, bronchitis, wet coughs, whooping cough, Tuberculosis, chest complaints, and respiratory problems caused by phlegm and infection. It brings down fever thru sweating (diaphoretic), and expectorant (removes mucus from lungs), reduces infection and bleeding in chest and lungs, reduces excess fluids, and chronic bronchitis.

Harvest the leaves in the spring and dry for later use. Make into tea, tincture, or combine with other herbs for a decoction (slow simmer in water). It can be eaten as a vegetable in salads or cooked with meat or fish. If coughing, it can be made into a salad with onion or added to chicken soup to help relieve symptoms. It can be combined with other lung supporting herbs such as mullein, usnea (a lichen which is powerfully antibiotic and antiviral), and drunk as a liquid. It’s native to Europe but can be purchased online.  http://www.naturalremediescenter.com/5599/lungwort-for-bronchitis-tuberculosis-european-remedies/

Mullein – is a native herb in the U.S. and has long been used for lung issues. Parts used are leaves, flowers, and roots. We grow it here in the herb garden and make it into a tincture with 80 proof vodka, letting it soak for about 4 or 5 weeks, and keep it on hand. I take it by the dropperful a few times a day if suffering from upper respiratory illness. If you haven’t had time to soak it as a tincture, then using the fresh leaves also works. We make a tea – about 2 Tablespoons of fresh or 1 Tablespoon dried leaf in 1 cup boiling water, steep about 10 -15 minutes – but be sure to strain it thru cloth as the tiny hairs can be irritating to throat and lungs. It’s extremely effective though so worth the trouble.

It is a versatile herb though and here is what an expert says:

“Preparation: tea or tincture of dried leaves or root, poultice or salve of dried or fresh leaves, flower oil

“medicinal actions: demulcent (calming and healing), expectorant (removes mucus from lungs), antispasmodic (stops spasms), vulnerary (healing), astringent (drying), anodyne (pain killer), anti-inflammatory (swelling and heat).

Used – Mullein is primarily known as a remedy for respiratory imbalances. It tones and soothes mucous membranes while encouraging expectoration (coughing up mucus). It has a paradoxical drying, clearing and soothing, moistening action, combined with a slightly aromatic pungency. As a dry, cooling & pungent herb, it can disperse edema (fluid buildup), sluggish congestion & heat, and its mucilaginous (gelatin like) quality that can soothe dry harsh inflamed conditions.

Mullein is especially useful in cases of long-term, wracking chronic cough like bronchitis or whooping cough and is also a remedy for sinusitis, asthma, congestion and seasonal allergies. Anything ‘lung’, mullein is a safe and often effective approach – but it is not limited to respiratory issues.

The flowers have nervine (nerve calming) and analgesic (pain killing) qualities in addition to being anti-inflammatory. Mullein flower oil is best-known as an earache remedy that is gentle and effective for children & adults, and this oil can also be used topically on any inflammation or nerve pain. Mulluein flower oil or mullein leaf salve can be a useful remedy for hemorrhoids.

The leaf as a poultice can be helpful in cases of bruising, swelling, muscle aches, swollen glands, burns, and nerve trauma. It may help broken bones to set and heal in a good way. Mullein can be soothing for inflammation of the eyes (always carefully filter out the tiny hairs). The root, though less commonly used, is a good wound-healing herb that is useful for acute pain”

Lobelia – Lobelia inflate LINN – aka Eyebright – According to my friend Dr. Ian Shillington, Naturopath and master herbalists,  Lobelia is a master herb.

And I quote: “There are two herbal tinctures that you must always have available: Cayenne Tincture & Lobelia Tincture.  Cayenne prevents people from fainting or going unconscious, and Lobelia stops full body spasms from occurring.
Lobelia in a large enough dose will induce vomiting.  At first, it dilates the bronchial tubes.  This is the first effect of a compound called Lobeline.  The second effect is that in larger doses it stimulates the 10th cranial nerve, the Vagus, to such a degree that you vomit. 

The lungs get squeezed and compressed, and any fluid in them comes out with the vomit.  What we’re doing is creating a Purge to really clean out those lungs for those who have severe lung problems.  And everybody needs different amounts; everybody has a different tolerance level to Lobelia. 

The medical furor over supposed Lobelia toxicity is false.  Totally False!  Lobelia is a brilliant herb even for kids as it dilates their bronchioles, and gets them breathing again, even when Asthmatic.  I used it on my son Bryan to subdue pain when he had been stung by a Stingray.  It literally calmed him down in 3 seconds.

The famous herbalist Samuel Thompson predominantly used two herbs, Cayenne and Lobelia, and with those two herbs, it is conservatively estimated he helped over three million people recover from their illnesses.  Cayenne, he said, stimulated the circulation, and Lobelia sedated and relaxed the body.

He used them this way:  Purge them and Puke them using Lobelia, and then give them Cayenne to bring them back to the planet.  These two herbs are awesome.  If using Lobelia sounds radical, consider cutting and drilling a 4-inch incision through your side and inserting a probe to tap your lungs to drain the fluid out.  I’d prefer Lobelia.  Wouldn’t you?

Lobelia can be thrown into almost any formula.  It is Antispasmodic, and it can be used with either Nerve Sedatives or Nerve Stimulators.  There are no side effects to this herb and it is useful for anyone going into any kind of a spasm such as Parkinson’s, or Epilepsy, as it slows things down beautifully. 

A local friend of mine actually cured himself permanently of Grand Mal Epilepsy using Lobelia.  No one should be without this wonderful Herb. 

Yours in Knowledge, Health and Freedom,  Ian “Doc” Shillington”

This herb is a bit controversial in that some say it shouldn’t be used to purge and others think the world of it. “Some authorities attach great value to it as an expectorant in bronchitis, others as a valuable counterirritant when combined with other ingredients in ointment form. It is sometimes given in convulsive and inflammatory disorders such as epilepsy, tetanus, diphtheria and tonsilitis. There is also difference of opinion with regard to its narcotic properties. Where relaxation of the system is required, as, for instance, to subdue spasm, Lobelia is invaluable. Relaxation can be counteracted by the stimulating and tonic infusion of capsicum. It may be used as an enema.” http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/l/lobeli38.html

I like Dr. Mercola’s approach to using Lobellia. https://articles.mercola.com/herbs-spices/lobelia.aspx

He uses it for muscle relaxing (important especially if you cough so hard your muscles all constrict causing body ache and great discomfort), and others:

  • “Respiratory stimulant and antispasmodic. Lobelia functions as a bronchodilator, meaning it stimulates the respiratory system and may even help in alleviating the effects of asthma. It may also help relax the lungs when they’re tense or overworked.
  • Expectorant. It triggers the secretion of sputum through the air passages, which is why lobelia is commonly used to ease asthma and bronchitis.
  • Diaphoretic. As a diaphoretic, lobelia promotes perspiration, which helps in cooling the skin during the onset of fever. It also aids in eliminating toxins from the body and promoting healthy blood circulation.6 Diaphoretics are often used to relieve diarrhea, kidney and liver conditions.7
  • Muscle relaxant. Lobelia has a depressant property, which helps the autonomic nervous system and muscular system relax.”

How Do You Use Lobelia?

There are various ways in which lobelia can be used. The tincture of the herb can be used to help alleviate sprains, bruises and various skin conditions. A poultice can also be used topically and may help relax your muscles, especially smooth ones.:8

Topical uses – Chest Rubs

When I was a kid my mom brought out the Vicks Vapo Rub and slathered us with it to help breathing. But it contains petrochemicals and this isn’t natural, being toxic. So, making your own makes sense with edible and non-toxic oils makes sense, especially if the body is already overloaded with toxins.

There are many herbs and herbal preparations that can be used in a chest rub or under the nose on the upper lip and slightly into the nostrils when you are suffering from flu, cold, bronchitis, covid, or other upper respiratory ailments which not only are soothing but also help open up the lungs, increase air space, help decongesting and expectorant actions to clear out the mucus, and just make you feel better, more relaxed, comforted.

I like to use some kind of oil or ointment as a base and add essential oils to it to increase the healing benefits. My intern Grace is a CBD distributor. She gave me a lovely ointment of CBD to use as a carrier oil for a chest rub which I found very helpful not only to put on the chest, under the nose, but also to rub on the bottoms of the feet. We wear a pair of socks over this so we don’t ruin our sheets, and put it on when we sleep or just sitting around trying to feel better. The bottoms of the feet absorb well and affect the whole body. But another carrier oil of your choice can be used.

Essential oils we use mixed with this or any carrier oil like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, or MCT (medium chain triglicerides from coconut oil): To a tablespoon or more of carrier oil add 5 drops or proportionately to tablespoon of the following – all or as many as you have on hand. Mix well with a finger or spoon and rub onto the chest, under the nose and bottoms of the feet. Cover and keep on hand to use several times a day or as needed.

Eucalyptus – decongestant and expectorant, antibacterial, pain reliever

Lavender – relaxing and soothing

Clove – helps with congestion

Juniper Berry – for bronchitis, respiratory infections, muscle aches

Peppermint – for cold, cough, flu, bronchitis, throat infection, sinusitis and muscle aches.

These are our favorites, but do your own research and find what you like to use.

A word of caution. These have been our experiences with this particular illness that is going around. First I tried home remedies – ordinary ones, tea, chest rub, detox baths, and rest. When that didn’t work out for us, we went to the medical doctor. We were not happy because of the offhand way we were treated without proper testing (we rejected the covid test because of our own research) which should have included blood work, and lab work which was denied us at the ER. However, not all doctors are like this one, and you may be happy with your own doctor’s care in which case, I’m not devaluating the good works of caring and expert help from good doctors. But if those don’t work for you, realize there are other alternatives. Our doctor in California is primarily a Naturopath, Asian Medicine doctor, nutritionist, herbalist, and other disciplines who was of great help. He’s Dr. Tom Skrenes and he can be reached at: 1-714-669-8845 in Tustin, California. He is an expert of energetic medicine, herbs, and testing. You’ll have to send him a hair sample if he agrees to treat you.

Our friend Dr. Shillington, an expert herbalist and Naturopath can be reached at: DocShillington@gilanet.com in New Mexico

One thing I know for certain is that when you are sick you are TOXIC! Your immune system isn’t able to fight off whatever it is that is causing it and the bug – whether bacterial, or viral (or in this case also fungal, yeast, and mold) – which is putting out metabolic waste*, which is what makes you feel so bad. In that case whatever you do to clear out your body of toxins will help your body fight. I always start by detoxing and drinking a lot of pure water. Drinking fresh lemon juice in the water helps regulate the pH of the body (acid is bad, neutral is good, lemon helps neutralize). Drinking a simmered fresh ginger decoction – just water and slices of fresh ginger – helps with coughing and is anti-inflammatory which helps the lungs and heart, etc. Make enough to sip it throughout the day. You can add a bit of honey or just plain. I also drink Kombucha Tea inmoderation as it is also detoxifying. And I do a Detox Bath:

DETOX BATH: Fill the Tub with hot water, as hot as you can tolerate. If you have city water which contains fluoride, add some calcium in some form. I get calcium carbonate or gluconate in powder form and throw in a couple of tablespoon or so. Or if that isn’t available I make my own calcium by filling a mason jar with egg shells and white vinegar, let it sit for about a week, and throw about ½ cup of the liquid into the bathwater. You can refill the jar with more vinegar as long as there are still egg shells in it. This neutralizes the toxic effect of the fluoride. Into the bathwater, put 1 Cup of Epsom Salt, ½ Cup Hydrogen Peroxide, ¼ Cup Baking Soda, 1 Cup of 20 Mule Team Borax, and some kind of bubble bath or few tablespoons of shampoo as this makes it possible for the body to throw off toxins into the water. Stay in the bath for 40 minutes and drink water. This allows the body to sweat out the toxins and the Epsom salt is soothing and helps with muscle pain and spasms. The Baking soda neutralizes the acid in the body. The hydrogen peroxide adds oxygen to the body, and the Borax has other healing qualities. Do this several times a week. Rest afterwards. Take some kind of electrolyte like a bit of salt and potassium or a Gatorade. Drink extra water. Interestingly enough the body can absorb as much as a liter and a half thru the skin in a bath so what you have in the water goes into the body. But you also will throw off a lot of toxins and poisons thru the skin, so don’t reuse that water!

*Metabolic waste – Metabolic wastes or excrements are substances left over from metabolic processes (such as cellular respiration) which cannot be used by the organism (they are surplus or toxic), and must therefore be excreted. This includes nitrogen compounds, water, CO2, phosphates, sulphates, etc. Animals treat these compounds as excretes (in the poop). Plants have chemical “machinery” which transforms some of them (primarily the nitrogen compounds) into useful substances.  When it comes to cells, including bacteria which is cellular, and virus which is a parasite on a living cell and therefore excretes or throws off these toxins, every cell metabolizes nutrients coming in and throws out what it can’t use or is toxic. This usually is taken away by the lymphatic system which is part of the immune system. But in enough quantity it can be a burden on the immune system and cause discomfort.

The Importance of detoxification: In addition to the detox bath, I continue to regularly detox other ways because our world is so loaded with contamination in the food, air, water, and clothing we wear next to our skin that in order to keep our immune system strong enough to fight off the many exposures we experience it needs to be in top condition. So, I also take besides kombucha tea (no more than 16 oz. a day and build up to that amount slowly, making sure to increase your water intake to flush out the toxins that are pulled out from it) I also take milk thistle capsules to help keep the liver detoxified, and burdock root tincture which works throughout the body to bind with and remove contaminants. I also drink stinging nettle tea which removes heavy metals and is delicious. I grow it and harvest it fresh for tea. Be sure to grow it in a container though as it can spread if you don’t. I also like lemon balm tea for its many medicinal attributes. Lemon water daily keeps the pH in balance – use fresh squeezed. Stay away from processed foods and never drink Coke. It takes the body 32 days to neutralize the acids in one Coke. Acid depresses the immune system. I also stay away from sugar which likewise depresses the immune system. I have made a study of the immune system and am 185 pages into a book I’m writing about it so I’m not kidding.

But never devaluate the power of your own research. I take no liability for the information I’m imparting to you. It is of educational use only and not an attempt to practice medicine. I’m merely sharing what worked with us on a specific illness. However, what information I got from various sources made it possible for us to come out of a rather debilitating and long lasting illness that could have had much worse endings. So, I decided to share what I found out and wish you the best of luck in health.

My husband was up in Atlanta today visiting his cardiologist at the huge hospital there. He told my husband that the illness we have been fighting has gone thru their hospital affecting most of the staff and it wasn’t covid. It is contagious and I know so many people around here who have had it. Whatever it is, it includes coughing, laryngitis, a low fever, and is debilitating and very lingering. So, practice good hygiene and stay healthy.


Diann Dirks, educator


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Salve making 101 – How to oil infuse herbs and when to add what. 12 – 27-21

Recently a friend on FB asked how to add herbs to salves and ointments so I wrote up how to do it. I was taught how to do this by one of my early interns, Stephanie Coile, a Wise Woman, and accomplished herbalist. It gave me the confidence to move on to making much more accomplished herbal remedies. But salves are a great place to start.

Always start out with a very clean working area. Wash your hands, wash all the pots, jars, containers and spoons and stuff you are going to use with hot water and soap and thoroughly dried. Put down newspaper on your working area to keep the clean up easier and more sterile (newspaper when new is pretty sterile when first opened up). I like wearing an apron against spills. Make sure your filters are newly laundered and dry if using cloth. Wash or rinse your herbs before working with them if they come out of your garden. Be careful when working with hot oil as it can really burn, so work slowly and accurately.

We grow about 150 medicinal herbs here at Hillside Gardens, in NE Georgia. This is so much fun. Herbal salves are so effective for so many skin issues, and even deeper healing uses.

The usual thing is if it’s a fresh herb after rinsing it off and towel drying, let it wilt overnight till almost all the moisture is out of it – I lay it on paper towels. If it’s dry, no worries. Then using either a double boiler or Baine Marie (bowl over a pot of water which is heated), the oil and the herbs go in together, are simmered for a length of time – not boiled and depending on if it’s leaves and flowers or something tougher like roots, bark, wood, longer. Check out timing.

Let it cool and filter it thru something like cheese cloth or a muslin bag to get out the mast (plant matter), squeezing it so you get all the goodies infused into the oil. I made a bunch of muslin bags just the right size to fit into a wide mouth Mason jar with enough extra to fold over the top about 2″. I did a ‘French’ seam which means I sew it on one side, turn it inside out and sew around the edge again so both inside and outside have a clean edge. I use these bags to filter both oil and alcohol or water herbal infusions, but label them oil or alcohol/water so they don’t intermix.

Then replace your infused oil back in your double boiler or Baine Marie, heat it up (not to simmer, just enough to melt the wax) and add bees wax till a spoon dipped in it and cooled is the right consistency. If too thick, add more oil, if too loose, bit more wax till you get the right consistency.

Then add any essential oils, stir it up, and pour it into your containers. I usually add some kind of natural preservative such as Lavender Essential Oil or Vitamin E Oil, also you can use Tea Tree Oil as part of the essential oil step. Only use therapeutic grade essential oils, never fragrance oils. Label your salve with the ingredients starting with largest amount down to the lowest. Because oils usually get on paper labels, I usually apply the label then lay over it heavy clear packing tape before pouring the salve into the containers. I don’t usually give my recipe, just what is in it. Also what I use it for and any instructions like ‘don’t put this on an open wound’ or rub it in well. And my contact information.

Keep it in the frig. If you are working out the formula, make sure you keep track of exactly how much of each ingredient you are using in case it’s a spectacular success and you want to make more, or you want to tweek it later. Keep a file of these so you can always go back and refer to them later.

What you use in your salves depends on what your intention is for the healing you are working towards. Some people have their favorite start-off herbs, mine is Plantain herb. The study of herbal salves is a huge study but there are some very simple ones which are remarkably effective. Plantain, White Yarrow, and Lavender EO is my usual teaching salve. Good place to start. Then you can add others are you learn you can experiment.

I also am careful what oils I use because using a quality oil can make all the difference. I never use a rancid or old oil. I like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil or several others. If I want the ingredients to penetrate the skin I don’t use coconut oil because the molecules tend to be too big but this works great if you wish for the salve to stay on the skin surface.

BTW if you don’t want to make it a salve or ointment, but use instead as a massage oil, leave out the oil, but remember to put in the preservative essential oils, and always label

When researching herbs I usually look for herbs that have one or more of these catagories: vulnerary (means to heal), anti-inflammatory (means to cool off or bring down swelling and pain), antibiotic or antiseptic (protects against bacterial infections), anti-microbial (protects against pathogenic micro-organisms), to name a few. But herbs do so many things, use your own imagination and do your research. It also helps to find some recipes on the internet with well known herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar or Susun Weed to name a couple of my favorite ones. And get some books! But just start simple and learn how to handle these materials before getting more elaborate.

I usually have on hand a number of kinds of salves and ointments of my own formulation. This at any given time may include bug bite salve, sunburn salve, rash, eczema and psoriasis cream, skin healing cream, deep bone healing salve, poison ivy, oak and sumac salve, pain and inflammation ointment (for arthritis and muscle strain), and if there are babies around – a diaper rash salve (no harsh chemicals and no petrochemicals). If we ever experience any kind of failure in society, having things you can make or which are already made for first aid or healing after surgery or broken bones could be life saving. These are also great when you go hiking, or hurt yourself on a daily basis. Kids tend to have booboos often so I have a special formula for that too. So, for you preppers out there, knowing how to make these things can be a valuable skill.

If you have pets or lifestock who get cuts, wounds or bites, or who have skin problems, you can also make salves which help them. Just be sure to research the herbs because some that are fine for humans can be bad for cats, dogs, horses, goats, chickens, turkeys or other animals. But ordinarily I use human healing herbal salves on my cats with no problems. I just check out the herbs for new formulas.

Good Luck.

You might find some information you can use in my blogsite: thegardenladyofga.wordpress.com where I have written a lot of articles that help with these kinds of questions. It’s free.

Diann Dirks

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Hair Loss with Covid – Solutions 12-17-21

Recently I came upon a phenomena among people who have had the Covid illness, loosing their hair – in big amounts, bald spots and thinning.

One of my interns is experiencing this and she reported that several of her friends are likewise loosing their hair after Covid. She asked me what it was and how to handle it since I have been researching about Covid. But I hadn’t heard this so I dived down the rabbit hole because it seemed so strange.

People loose their hair with chemo because the chemicals in it stop the process of cell replication, and this cuts off the hair follicles so the hair falls out. Usually awhile after chemo it comes back. But according to my intern it isn’t coming back in and this is worrisome. Because it’s a mystery what is causing it.

Later in my research it turns out it does last a long time but with good care the hair eventually starts to fill back in unless there are extenuating circumstances such as hormone problems or underlying health issues.

If it is going to happen it is usually right around 3 months after getting the symptoms of the illness. And she reported she got covid right around Thanksgiving, 3 months prior.

This phenomena is called Telogen effluvium. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34467470/

Telogen effluvium is the name for a common cause of temporary hair loss due to the excessive shedding of resting or telogen hair* (see pictures in following websites) after some shock to the system. New hair continues to grow. Telogen hair is also known as a club hair due to the shape of the root.”  …” Telogen effluvium is a non-scarring form of diffuse hair loss with no clinical or histological evidence of inflammation and can affect up to 50% of the scalp hair.“

“The resting scalp club hairs remain firmly attached to the hair follicles at first. The new hairs coming up through the scalp push out the resting club hairs and increased hair fall is noticed 2 to 4 months after the triggering event.”

Not only does this problem show up in the hair falling out, but also in the fingernails. Because nail and hair growth are under the same influences, an arrest in hair growth is often mirrored in the nails by a groove across them coinciding with the time of the shock to the system — a Beau line. The time of the shock can be estimated from the fact that a fingernail takes 5 months to grow from the posterior nail fold to the free edge. So if the groove in the nail is halfway down the nail, the shock must have been two and a half months ago.

It’s called the Beau line – see pictures below. But since this isn’t particularly disfiguring or problematic people wouldn’t necessarily connect this with hair loss or think it was necessarily a problem. Consider it a co-occuring indicator to help identify the situation.

Beau line


I usually look for remedies for bodily problems which are the simplest means, least toxic, preferably non-pharmaceutical based, and if possible plant based since our bodies seem to respond best to the most natural means available. Only if something becomes really problematical and dangerous do I turn to more toxic and shocking to the body chemical based pharmaceuticals. And I found some great solutions.

I came upon four basic remedies but the one that came up as the simplest and easiest, anyone can do this and it’s inexpensive, is the use of ONION JUICE. Make it by grating an onion and squeezing the juice (it helps to hold a piece of bread in your mouth while doing this to keep it out of the eyes, an old grandma remedy for teary eyes when cutting onions). If you do this in a bowl, it saves the juice best. Later in the video listed below she recommends grinding it in a kitchen grinder so it’s easier on the eyes. Putting the juicy grated onion in a piece of cloth and squeezing it that way helps to get all the juice out, or running it thru a small very fine sieve (like used for tea) and keep it from splashing around your counter. This humble juice is applied to the scalp with a cotton ball after dividing the hair into sections, then leaving it on for 30-45 minutes. Then wash it off with paraben-free, mild shampoo. (Some recommend leaving it over night but that could be quite messy). According to the site, you will see results in about 2 weeks. Onions contain some amazing nutrients.  “Onion juice provides extra sulfur to the scalp which helps make the roots stronger. This prevents hair loss and promotes new growth. It is also said that anti-bacterial properties of onion keep scalp infections at bay and keep the hair healthy and strong.” https://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/life-style/malaika-arora-hair-loss-covid19-recovery-onion-juice-6724822/

OK, so you may not like the smell for that short time, though the smell goes away with washing, but if you do it a couple of times a week for awhile, instead of spending oodles of money at a hair specialist doctor or trying to figure out how to fix it with drugs, this is only a trip to the grocery store, and finding some paraben free shampoo.

It was also mentioned that certain vitamin deficiencies can make hair loss worse, so by supplementing with these nutrients, you will support the hair and scalp:

  • “Iron: In premenopausal women, iron deficiency is a leading cause of hair loss. 
  • Vitamin D: Low vitamin D can cause your hair to thin. (D3)
  • Zinc: Without enough zinc, the hair may break or fall out. 
  • Selenium: Low selenium levels can cause hair loss but Armani says this is a relatively uncommon cause of thinning hair. “

“Gary Linkov, MD, a hair loss expert and plastic surgeon, says that biotin, which is part of the vitamin B family, can also support stronger hair growth. Supplements containing biotin may improve hair growth even if a person is not biotin deficient. Some experts advocate Biotin at 10mg daily. “ 

“You can get tested for vitamin deficiencies by your doctor with just a simple blood test. Be aware that if you are taking Biotin, you will want to stop it a few days before getting any blood work as it can skew results for many blood tests.” https://www.webmd.com/connect-to-care/hair-loss/natural-remedies-hair-loss-thinning

The scalp, like all skin areas, requires nutrients to keep the cells healthy. Often after a particularly trying illness (like Covid 19) the body uses up its store of vitamins, minerals, oils, and other food for the cells. Vitamins and supplements as above can help rebuild those stores in the body. But the skin itself can benefit from certain nutritious oils. Fish Oil – take Omega 3 suppl. Which supplies Omega 3 oil, an antioxidant, to help improve hair density and reduce hair fall. Helps boost immunity and overall health. Take this internally. You’ll also help things along by various topical applications right on the scalp (such as the onion juice) such as various oils. These contain not only moisturizing properties but infuse the skin with nutrients that help the hair follicles and the skin cells which support them, strengthening and healing.

Heat coconut oil till it’s melted and warm, massage on the scalp 2x week https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/web-stories/best-remedies-to-treat-hair-fall-post-covid/photostory/84975223.cms then shampoo with non-paraben shampoo. Another use of coconut oil based products gives you an alternative way to use it: Use of coconut based hair oil and hair masks.


Another nutritious topical treatment is well whipped egg applied on scalp. If you don’t eat eggs, applying on the skin lets the skin absorb the nutrients: they are full of iodine, sulphur, phorphorous and protein. Consider using a stick blender on an egg then brushing on with a hair color application brush on the scalp. Wash out with tempid water, NOT HOT WATER, unless you like you’re your hair to be cooked like an omelet. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/web-stories/best-remedies-to-treat-hair-fall-post-covid/photostory/84975223.cms This will also leave your hair shiny if you then work it into the hair before washing out.

Another remedy if you have access to it is Amla (a type of berry: Amla is densly rich in vit C and other anti-oxidants which helps reduce hair fallout. Mix some amla with lemon juice and apply to scalp. Can also consume it with salt and honey. Here are some sources: WOW Skin Science Amla Hair Oil Amazon –https://amzn.to/2Ncf1RJ

Buywow –http://bit.ly/2XN1O3G

Flipkart – https://bit.ly/2XNMe8ahttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/web-stories/best-remedies-to-treat-hair-fall-post-covid/photostory/84975223.cms This oil scalp treatment also includes other nutritious oils such as almond, extra virgin olive oil, and other penetrating oils which feed the hair follicles and speed hair growth.

Or you can mix your own olive, almond and other oils you have on hand for scalp oil massage. Work in and massage this into the scalp a couple of times a week. Then gently shampoo.

It is recommended that because the follicles are delicate now, that you don’t wash your hair as often, lowering that to only a couple of times a week, and then gently and with a very mild shampoo. Also that you don’t put the hair into a tight pony tail or otherwise stretch or pull the hair either wet or dry. Use a wide toothed comb to comb wet hair, and use a conditioner that allows the hair strands to be combed without holding together.

Here is a comprehensive video on methods to regrowing hair after Covid. I’m sorry the accent in the woman is a bit hard to understand but she really knows her stuff and it’s worth it to figure it out. Video on regrowing hair after loss.

Covid puts a tremendous strain on the immune system, and any bodily trauma such as that can affect many areas of the body long term. Hair is one of the ways it shows up. But if you work on the immune system of the body in general, increase the Vitamin D3 intake, get sunshine and fresh air, and build back up to physical activity – walking, swimming, bike riding, gentle workouts –work on increasing water intake gently to avoid dehydration, eat good organic foods (staying away from junk food, soda, and heavy fried foods, which are full of toxins and aren’t really providing your body with the needed nutrients, or eating any GMO foods – soy, cotton seed oil, sugar beets, any grains not organically grown, including corn, canola, yellow rice or many commercial meats which are fed them), you will help your whole body recover. Eating Chlorella capsules helps to detox the Round-Up these DMO plants are sprayed with.

It’s vital that you do some kind of daily detoxification. Whether that includes a couple of times a week taking a detox bath (see below for recipe), taking some of the herbs that help the body rid itself of toxins (see below for suggestions), or using a sauna or Infrared sauna once a week or so, you will boost your immune system tremendously and bring back your health.  

Detox Bath: Here is the recipe for the detox bath: Fill tub with as hot a water as you can tolerate. Into it (if you are on city water) some kind of calcium to bond with the fluoride they put in there. You can make this by saving your egg shells in a mason jar crushed up, fill with white vinegar (cheap) and let it sit for about a week. That dissolves the calcium in the egg shells and you can pour it into your bathwater to bind with the fluoride in city water. Or a couple of tablespoons of calcium carbonate or gluconate powder does the same thing. You can purchase that thru PureBulk powder purebulk.com. Then add 1 cup Epsom salt, 1/2 cup Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/4 cup Baking Soda, and about a cup of Borax – 20 Mule Team. Mix it to dissolve, add some shampoo or bubble bath (makes the water wetter to help the detox process), and soak for as close to 40 minutes as you can tolerate. I like using a loofa sponge on the skin to help the skin throw off toxins.

This should also help you sleep if you do it before bedtime.

Some Herbs that detox the body: Milk thistle (capsules) for the liver, Burdock root tincture or capsules (general detoxification), Stinging Nettle (tincture, capsule or tea) for heavy metals and other toxins, as well as being very nutritious), Ground Ivy (tea, capsule or tea) for heavy metals, Cilantro (in food, tea, capsule or tinxture) for heavy metals, Wild blueberry – not grocery store variety – heavy metals, Dandelion root – (tea, capsule) for liver and whole body, blood cleanser, Red Clover (tea, tincture) for lymphatic system, liver and skin), Blessed Thistle (tincture, capsule) anti-bacterial, liver, digestive system, Calendula (tea – it’s bitter, best mix with other herbs like mint or stevia) for lymphatics, liver and digestive system, Turmeric (tincture) for liver, gallbladder, digestives, antioxidant, Schisandra (tea or mix with other herbs) liver cleanse and anti-oxidant, Spirulina (Powder, capsules) strong liver and kidney detox, Bentonite Clay (mix with water, wait half an hour, take tablespoon ful of liquid at a time) binds with toxins and heavy metals, source of essential minerals, and pure water with lemon juice. https://www.euphoricherbals.com/collections/subscribesave

One last and vital piece of recovery in restoring the immune system is gut health. Taking antibiotics (which have often been prescribed by medical doctors to fight covid, or other of the prescriptions given) destroy or injure the vital layering of natural micro-organisms which line the digestive tract. This is called the micro-biome and accounts for up to 85% of the immune system because these microbes destroy disease causing bacteria and other kinds of friendly organisms. When they are wiped out, the body is then vulnerable to multiple kinds of germs and illnesses, not to mention a lessened absorption of the nutrients we eat because these little guys break down food and make it available to the cells. Without this friendly population we struggle to stay immune.

So, once you can, obtain some powerful and quality probiotics and pre-biotics (fibers which the micro-organisms called probiotics eat), start taking them as a supplement. Or eat lots of fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, Kombucha Tea, Water Kefir, or take good commercial probiotic supplements daily. Make sure they are still viable though. Spend the money. It can take months with regular application of probiotics to actually re-establish this micro-biome so keep at it.

We think of our hair as an aesthetic presentation of ourselves. When it starts to fall out and our hair is lackluster and brittle, or so thin, it can be a depressing thing. But I hope the things I have presented here as solutions are helpful to you. And that you are restored after being ill. Smile, do these things, and live life. J


Diann Dirks

Herbalist, organic grower, researcher, artist, and writer.


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Starting seeds in newspaper pots 12-14-21

Gardening starting with seeds is so much more economical than purchasing seedlings from a nursery, most homesteaders only buy what they can’t start themselves. But the big reason to start your garden plants from seeds is biodiversity. Nurseries sell what the big companies like Bonnie sell, and they are pricey but by the time they get to the nursery they are so easy to just plop in the soil and be viable. I’ve used them, I admit.

But the cultivated varieties (called cultivars) is so limited, and only gives you a few often hybrid varieties you can’t account for your own climate or soil conditions. Not to mention, if you like heirloom varieties for flavor, color, texture, or just to keep our ancient cultivars alive, you don’t get that if you don’t save and plant seeds. Plus the wonderful varieties available thru companies like Baker Creek Heirlom Seeds, Seed Savers or a host of other reputable seed companies give you so much latitude.

We live in a time when the climate can change on a dime, and this stresses plants and even makes some not viable even from a few years ago, it’s vital we keep the diversity going so we can keep eating! It’s survival. So, saving the seeds from the heirloom varieties that make it after a season could mean the difference between eating and not eating if the shf scenario. This isn’t just limited to homesteaders either. Having that little garden plot in the back yard in a subdivision could also be vital. Learning to garden now is a kind of insurance.

One last thing, growing your own food from seeds means if you are careful with seeds and plant some every year you can share, trade, and have it be a kind of survival currency in tough times. Heirloom seeds unlike hybrid varieties breed true year after year and continue to be viable almost forever. Hybrid kinds only breed one year then they revert to either of the two parent verities usually with unwanted attributes. So, this is part of food security to only bother with heirloom (or heritage, open pollinated or land race verities, all names for those that breed true) seeds.

Starting seeds early in a season in pots or seed cells, or flats, can speed the process if they are protected from either too cold or too hot conditions. Start spring and summer seeds in February, and fall seeds in protected spots in September. This can be different in each zone so do a google search with your local Extension office for times to start seeds. And do a little research on how to save seeds and store them.

I love seed swaps too, often offered by gardening clubs or homesteading groups. Usually they show up late winter, and late summer. This can be a treasure trove of diversity.

All that being said, it being early December here in zone 8B in NE Georgia where we live, I’m still planting seedlings in my garden for the winter. The last post in my blog covers planting them using a slurry of comfrey to give the seedlings a boost. Check it out.

We started these seeds in late September and early October, kept the soil moist, and covered them when it was going to rain too hard or was too hot – with an old white bed sheet, a row cover fabric sheet for heat, or clear plastic 3.5 mil sheet from Home Depot (for too much rain). Later when we were still letting the babies grow, and it was slated to freeze, any of those covers is protection, and goes over the flats at night, to come off in the warmer part of the day. This goes for winter and summer plant verities.

So, what’s a good medium to grow seeds in? I like to use some finely sifted top soil and vermiculite or perlite, with some sifted compost. About equal amounts, well mixed. It isn’t the same as garden or potting soil.

We use wood chips in the pathways of the garden. About every 3rd or 4th years when this has broken down into rich black loam, we dig it up along the pathways, put it thru 1/4″ hardware cloth stretched out over a 2×4 framework, and set it over our wheelbarrow where we work the good fine soil out, separating the weeds and wood pieces out, then replacing the not-composted bits back in the pathways. This produces the most amazing black rich top soil which goes into the garden beds. Then we put new wood chips in the pathways. I save or trade for feed sacks which are heavy duty plastic and can be used over and over, and store this soil for later use if I don’t immediately use it. It is so much superior to top soil purchased in the nursery. And other than the labor creating it, is basically free. We get our wood chips from a local landscaping company or the electric company who clears wood away from high power lines and chips it as well as delivers it free.

Mixing this pathway soil with some compost from the garden which also includes vegetable waste, garden waste, egg shells, etc., and some well composted manure is just about the most perfect garden soil. I also add some 50-50 crushed granite sand and fireplace ash for minerals and grit for the worms, soil perfection. For seed starting, the pathway soil can be mixed with vermiculite or perlite for starting seeds.

Organize your seeds for cool weather and hot weather verities. Ask your Extension Officer in your county for a list of what goes in which season in your area. Then determine when to start your seeds by that time table. If you have a little green house or a sunny window in your house, you can start your seeds and protect them from unseasonable weather so they aren’t stressed by too cold or too hot.

So, what to start your seeds in? Some people say eggshells, egg cartons, or peat pots. I don’t like any of those because they are either too small (egg related), or tend to dry out your soil (peat). I like nursery flat plastic trays, plastic seed cells, or individual saved plastic pots. But because we start so many seeds, we usually start seeds in the flats, then transfer them to individual pots or seed cells. Not all your seeds will germinate so putting them directly in valuable garden space or individual seed cells wastes valuable time. Only bother to transplant those which are viable.

Another tip is to soak your seeds in aspirin water (salicyllic acid which is basically willow water, a natural root and germinating stimulating substance) or willow water you make from your own willow plants (6″ ends of stems soaked in water overnight) to give your seeds a good start. Aspirin water – 1 uncoated aspirin tablet in a gallon of water, used to water your babies.

A facebook friend posted this: I will be selling young vegetable plants in the Spring; I am thinking of sewing 4″ grow bags so the buyer can just plop them in the dirt without disturbing the roots. I grow organically so what type of untreated fabric, that is biodegradable, can I use to make these? And just to let you guys know; I tried peat pots and do not like them.

My response to her is this hack: Instead of fabric, try making little pots with newspaper. Half a sheet folded in half lengthwise, rolled around the bottom of a wine bottle leaving about 2″ over the end, and folding that under the bottom, then securing with a piece of tape works great filled with seed starting mix, can be plopped right in the soil as it breaks down quickly. Use only the non-shiny newspaper. Colored ink in newspapers is made from soy and is OK, but if it’s shiny and kind of slick, it’s got other additives not good for planting. Good luck.

It’s not too late to start winter plants now depending on your growing zone, if you start them indoors or in a green house, wait till they have two true leaves, and the garden soil is warm enough to plant (not frozen). You can transplant them in the greenhouse if it’s heated above freezing. Or in your outdoor garden protected under plastic sheeting held above the soil under tomato cages laid on their sides, alternating direction down the bed to make a little greenhouse. Or in a cold frame.

Apply the technique of comfrey slurry and top soil for added fertility, and water it in, giving it some soft mulch to insulate the babies. Then cover them up in cold times.

For us here at Hillside Gardens, in NE Georgia, we get more production out of our gardens with greens, lettuces, root vegetables, chards and spinaches, broccoli and other cole crops in the winter than by volume produce in the summer. Almost no bugs, no wilt, and few problems with critters eating our plants unless you have tunneling vermin or rabbits. We have a deer fence around our growing beds or the deer think it’s Walmart and they mow it down. So you have to protect your hard work.

I hope this inspires you to grow year round. There’s nothing quite like a big salad of winter greens or steamed broccoli or cauliflower in the cold of winter. It keeps up health and the taste is so amazing.

Note: I still have a few of the books by Cynthia R. Dill – “A Georgia Food Forest – 180 Perennial Edible Plants and a Design Guide for the Zone 8 Home Grower” if you live in zones 7-10. PM me (Georgia Dirks on FB) for details.

Diann Dirks 12-14-21

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Using Comfrey slurry to support seedling planting 12-7-21

I’m sharing a new technique I worked out today to plant small seedlings into the beds and not use commercial fertilizer.

I have a lot of comfrey herb growing in my garden. This plant is a ‘dynamic accumulator’, i.e. it has long roots that go well below the surface of the soil and draw in large amounts of nutrients, especially minerals up into the leaves and stems. This plant is used in Permaculture in a ‘chop and drop’ scenario to fertilize naturally. This means that when the plant gets 3 or 4 feet tall, you chop the foliage off about a foot from the ground, and lay those mineral rich leaves around the base of plants, where they will break down and add their bounty to soil. Or we lay them on the compost pile to add to the richness there.

I thought ‘why not just use the less than perfect leaves, around the base of the plant, and within the plant itself, and about 10% of the good big leaves to help my baby seedlings establish’?

So, my intern and I harvested a large paper grocery bag full of the leaves, brought them into the kitchen, cut them up into about 1 – 2″ sections then blended them with rain water till it was a slurry in my Vitamix.

Then to increase the nitrogen content, using an old Permaculture technique of using my own saved pee, in a dilution of 1-9 (pee to water) added that to the slurry. The kidneys are a great filter and pee is almost sterile so it’s not like using humanure which can be full of bacteria until it’s adequately decomposed. (According to the research, unless someone is ill, this IS sterile.)

The beds have recently been worked over for the next season adding lots of compost, some crushed granite sand and hardwood fire ash (loaded with nutrtients), and some kitchen waste to feed the worms. Then they were mulched with about 2 – 3″ of light mulch. To plant the prepared seedlings which are quite small – 2 true leaves only, we pushed aside this mulch, down to the soil. Then we dug our individual planting holes into the amended soil for our winter planting, added a handful of compost and about 1/2 cup of the slurry, mixed it up, then planted the seedlings.

They got watered and around each little plant some soft mulch for insulation was laid down about 1/2″ from the stem. This should provide these new seedlings with a healthy and nutritious home for the winter. I have used compost tea, manure tea, and a blend of those in other years, but I didn’t have any prepared so this was a quick way to provide those babies with some perhaps equivalent help.

Thought you might try it and see if it works for you as well.

We didn’t use all the slurry so it is in a covered bucket waiting for the next planting chore.

We will watch the weather and if it is going to freeze we will lay down our tomato cages altarnating pointing left and right down the bed, and use those to create an air space for 3.5 mil clear or white plastic to make a little greenhouse covering. Be sure to weight down the edges of the plastic though as it tends to sail away with some wind. I use single cinder blocks. Also if it’s a long expanse of the plastic, I also use some weights like rebar laid along the top of the expanse to further avoid sailing.

Good Gardening and enjoy your winter garden and growing.

Diann Dirks 12-7-21

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Protocol and protection against vax side effects – both for the vaxed and unvaxed 11-24-21

I try to keep my followers updated on my research in various areas. This is a critical subject and I wanted to share it with you as I believe it will save a lot of lives or prevent serious damage. This is on-going research on my part and my most recent epiphany is that if we weren’t all so toxic we wouldn’t be so vulnerable to these challenges in our society. So, look forward to articles on heavy metal detox and RoundUp detox information. If you have a specific interest, please feel free to contact me on my email at didirks@comcast.net Wishing you a very healthy and happy Thanksgiving 2021.

I’ve been doing a LOT of research on how to protect ourselves from the shedding and collateral damage of others besides oneself taking the corona injection. This is really much more serious than anyone is paying much attention to. It came about because I’ve had 3 people apply to my internship with family members (father in law, husbands) who have had it but intern prospects not themselves having been vaccinated. One lady had her husband go behind her back and got the jab, and within two weeks both her kids and herself came down with very troubling sicknesses. I had to find out why. I did, and found solutions. So, I wrote it up and you can see below what I came up with. Feel free to share what you wish of this. We may save some lives. I’m also thinking to do a class on this to prepare people and help them not get sick either vaxed or unvaxed.

What do you think of it – this article or the idea of a class?

We’re hearing about the Covid Vaccine and the mandates for taking it. We’re not being told the truth by the press or the media and this is leading to a great deal of damage to our society as people are fighting for it or against it. But what’s the big deal? Why is it dangerous, and what is at stake? And what is the long term implication of it? I thought I better find out and this is what I found out.

First let’s take a look at what these words being thrown about really mean.

Def: Spike Protein – genetically programmed biological molecule formed on the outside of an enveloped virus which breaks off and travels through the body by the hundreds of thousands, attaching themselves to the inside of blood vessels and organs, transmitting genetic material to the body’s cells which causes disease and destruction. These spikes are sharp and cause damage to the blood cells coursing through the vessels damaging them, and causing the blood to stick together forming clots, often small clots in the tiniest vessels at the end of the vascular pathways called capillaries. The genetic material invades the body’s cells transforming them genetically and their DNA to be spike protein manufacturing units, further spreading the virus and its genetic transforming material. Billions of them are formed in the body which then make their way to the skin and fall off further spreading this material – this is called ‘shedding’.

These vaccines are called recumbent RNA or r/RNA or r/DNA vaccines – Recombinant DNA (rDNA) molecules are DNA molecules formed by laboratory methods of genetic recombination that bring together genetic material from multiple sources, creating sequences that would not otherwise be found in the genome. Wikipedia  (i.e. GMO – genetically modified organisms.)

“Spike protein

Glycoprotein (a chain of amino acids plus a sugar and a fat) spike on a viral capsid or viral envelope (they stick out from the round enclosed virus like a thorn only they break off and fall away and travel) In the below imagine the red things are the spike proteins.

Black-and-white sphere with coronavirus spike protein structures and a two-layered ring of virus membrane superimposed.The blue items are the spike proteins.


In virology (study of viruses) a spike protein or peplomer protein is a protein that forms a large structure known as a spike or peplomer projecting from the surface of an enveloped virus. The proteins are usually glycoproteins (protein plus sugar plus fat) that form dimers or trimers. Often the term “spike protein” refers specifically to the coronavirus spike protein, one of the four major structural proteins common to all coronaviruses, which give rise to the distinctive appearance of these viruses in electron micrographs. Wikipedia”

I’ve been doing a LOT of research on how to protect ourselves from the shedding and collateral damage of others taking the jab. This is really much more serious than anyone is paying much attention to. It came about because I’ve had 3 people apply to my internship with family members (father in law, husbands) who have had it but intern prospects not. One lady had her husband go behind her back and got the jab, and within two weeks both her kids and herself came down with very troubling sicknesses. I had to find out why. I did, and found solutions. So, I wrote it up and you can see below what I came up with. Feel free to share what you wish of this. We may save some lives. I’m also thinking to do a class on this to prepare people and help them not get sick either vaxed or unvaxed.

What do you think of it – this article or the idea of a class?

We’re hearing about the Covid Vaccine and the mandates for taking it. We’re not being told the truth by the press or the media and this is leading to a great deal of damage to our society as people are fighting for it or against it. But what’s the big deal? Why is it dangerous, and what is at stake? And what is the long term implication of it? I thought I better find out and this is what I found out.

First let’s take a look at what these words being thrown about really mean.

Spike Protein – see above image, genetically programmed biological molecule formed on the outside of an enveloped virus which breaks off and travels through the body by the hundreds of thousands, attaching themselves to the inside of blood vessels and organs, transmitting genetic material to the body’s cells which causes disease and destruction. These spikes are sharp and cause damage to the blood cells coursing through the vessels damaging them, and causing the blood to stick together forming clots, often small clots in the tiniest vessels at the end of the vascular pathways called capillaries. The genetic material invades the body’s cells transforming them genetically and their DNA to be spike protein manufacturing units, further spreading the virus and its genetic transforming material. Billions of them are formed in the body which then make their way to the skin and fall off further spreading this material – this is called ‘shedding’.

These vaccines are called recumbent RNA or r/RNA or r/DNA vaccines – Recombinant DNA (rDNA) molecules are DNA molecules formed by laboratory methods of genetic recombination that bring together genetic material from multiple sources, creating sequences that would not otherwise be found in the genome. Wikipedia  (i.e. GMO – genetically modified organisms.)


Having these spike proteins being manufactured in people’s bodies and then shed around them, that have had the vaccine, means we are being exposed to them whether we have had the jab or not. They are meant to invade our cells, change the genetic programming (so they are not your original cells now), and set the body up for a sequence of degrading cellular illnesses, affecting the whole body, and affecting those around those who have had the vaccine unbeknownst to them. This is not being talked about in the media but the medical profession is talking about it, researching it, and coming up with solutions. This is a summary of what I found as I looked deep into this situation. Hopefully this will help protect you and those you love. Please look up any words you don’t understand.

Short version:

The protocol from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko – a Ukranian scientist nominate for the Nobel Prize

The covid vaccines – all three company’s versions – aren’t actually a vaccine, but are instead recumbant RNA gene therapies, actually GMO – genetically modified organisms created in the lab. They specify and target a particular virus or form of a virus. The problem is viruses routinely mutate to another form or forms. When this happens the anti-bodies (immune molecules that are made to attack an invading virus or bacteria) formed with the original vaccine only recognize that particular form and the body’s own immune system then attacks the cells that contain the mutated form, in essence auto-immune as the body fights itself.

Under normal circumstances when something comes into the body that is harmful (pathogenic – i.e. creating disease) the immune system creates a warrior kind of molecule that attacks it, and then the body remembers how to make this in case this same pathogenic organism like a virus, bacteria, or other invading thing shows up again. Meanwhile, once the invader is taken care of the anti-bodies are no longer needed and stop working. Antibodies cause inflammation. But in this case the virus being an artificially created genetically modified organism, invades, and the body has to work extra hard to fight it off. But what has happened is this kind of anti-body isn’t normal, and once it turns on against the similar new pathogen, it can’t turn off and goes nuts. See more below.

So, they are meant to react strongly to one only form and when any other virus in the covid family of viruses, such as a common cold or flu or similar virus, they then over-react strongly and overwhelm the body. They don’t change as the viruses change. What actually happens scientifically is in the future when the individual is exposed to another one of the covid family of viruses the RNA of the gene therapy vaccine goes into overdrive and can’t turn off.

This causes massive inflammation and doesn’t back off like a normal immune response after a short time. This can cause many serious kinds of damage or death, which is why the death count is now over 100,000, though the press isn’t reporting this.

These figures come in from other connections, not the regular CDC reporting lines which have been corrupted.

It turns out the CDC isn’t a public organization but actually is a private corporation that owns the patents on the covid virus and the vaccines. They are making a lot of money via the 3 corporations manufacturing the vaccines since the CDC hold the patents and makes money when the corporations sell the vaccines. I really don’t care about who makes money, but I do care that people I love and care about are at risk. Knowing the science of what happens with the virus and the vaccine and having reliable and easy to make and use protocols which keep people healthy is what I care about.

The original vaccine injections contain billions of these GMO spike proteins. These are sharp molecules that are manufactured from the CV virus and when they hit the body from an injection they spread out and attach and line the inside of the body’s blood vessels. They are sharp and they damage the blood cells, which then are injured and form tiny blood clots particularly in the capillaries of the circulation system. This can be in the skin, in the heart, in the lungs, brain and all other organs. This lessens blood circulation weakening the organs and whole body.

The RNA of the vaccine’s spike proteins goes into every cell changing them to the genetics of the virus, to create thousands more of the spike proteins, which go into the rest of the body non-stop for several months. Then this activity slows down, but anti-bodies formed from the body’s own immune system by then are in vast numbers in the body.

These react with inflammation as part of the natural immune response. But they over-react.

When the inflammation stage of the immune reaction sets in, based on the antibodies formed from the body’s own reaction to the spike proteins coming in, the antibodies attack any cell or area with this build up of spike proteins. This can manifest as larger blood clots which cause stroke or heart attack, or brain clots, or in the kidneys or other organs of the body. This either happens within the first three days after the jab, why people die quickly or within a week or so after the injection, or later when the auto-immune kicks in when another exposure from a covid family of viruses happens.

But here is the good news – which allows for a solution to becoming ill when exposed to the shed spike protein.

,Even though this over-reaction of the immune system puts anyone at risk who has had the injection, and by transmission people who live with vaccinated people are also at risk, there is a way to protect both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

From the research of the eminent Vladimir Zelenko – a medical doctor, researcher, and Nobel Price nominee – the delayed reaction of the immune system which causes over-reaction and death, can be side tracked and stopped if the spike proteins from the new virus exposure are kept from entering the receptors in the cell. There is a few day window of opportunity to stop the process. This happens when the cell is full of the mineral zinc.

This is where supplements and herbal components come in. Because zinc doesn’t easily enter the cell. But for the protection to occur the cell must be full of it. So, it requires other components to open the pores in the cells to let in the zinc, which components are called ionafores and fill the cells with the protective zinc. These ionafores are: Quercetin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3. Ivermectin and hydrochloroquin are also ionafores as well as helping the body fight the virus.

Since one never knows when they are being exposed to another round of viruses, taking a protective protocol all the time after injection keeps the inflammation stage from occurring. This is called prophylaxis. Doing something before hand to protect (prophylasis) is good strategy.

Or you can wait till you start to feel a bit of ‘off’ or have cold like symptoms like sniffles, sneezing, headache, coughing, fever meaning the new virus has arrived. Either way you take care of the virus before the immune system wakes up and starts to over-react. But whatever you do, do not get a Booster as this will kick in the inflammation stage. Once that happens the fight becomes much more difficult.

The long term effects of the vaccine have not been studied or the 10 years of normal testing was bypassed, so these studies have not been done on people but they were tested on animals and in those tests all the lab animals died from this approach of vaccine. But billions of dollars are being made selling these vaccines to the governments around the world so why this happened without any kind of ethical oversight occurred, so do the math.

In the rush to ‘help people’ (the justification) corners were cut. If it hadn’t been for the work of Dr. Zelenko and others on a project to see why so many people were reacting badly to the vaccine, this would not have come to light. The protocol works if put in place early enough in the process of the immune system and the anti-bodies waking up. It’s over the counter easy to get (online), and inexpensive. If this was known when this whole thing hit it would have saved 85% of the people who came down with covid according to Dr. Zelenko.

Here is the protocol and I have included the best sources of the bulk powders to make your own capsules – as some of these things are becoming hard to find in health food stores or pharmacies. I use these sources all the time in my herbalism and trust the companies and have had good results with them, why I can recommend these sites absolutely.

The protocol:

Elemental zinc 25 mg. 1x day, (https://purebulk.com/products/zinc-picolinate-20 or https://www.amazon.com/BulkSupplements-Zinc-Gluconate-Powder-Kilogram/dp/B00GW1C4I2),

D3 5000 iu 1x day, (https://purebulk.com/products/vitamin-d3-5000iu-softgels),

C 1000 mg 1x day either ascorbic acid or calcium ascorbate which I prefer – https://purebulk.com/products/calcium-ascorbate-vitamin-c-bulk and

Quercetin 500 mg. 1x day (https://purebulk.com/products/quercetin-dihydrate-pure-bulk)

or if quercetin is unavailable

Epigallocatechin gallate –EGCG  (https://purebulk.com/products/green-tea-extract-powder-50-egcg) a green tea extract.

You get them in powder form, and make up your own capsules. Mountain Rose Herb Company sells a little capsule filling device that makes 24 pills at a time. I have used one for years. Cost is under $20. Empty capsule supply I get NOW brand from IHerb.com. https://mountainroseherbs.com/capsule-machine

You can get two sizes of empty capsules (each size needs its own filling device) for about $20. The empty capsules are available online https://www.iherb.com/pr/now-foods-single-0-gelatin-caps-approx-1-000-empty-gelatin-capsules/893 They carry both ‘0’ and ’00’ sizes. 0 size is 500 mg, 00 size is 750 mg.

Further science on this can be seen at: https://sunfellow.com/dr-vladimir-zelenko-the-zelenko-covid-19-protocol/. He also has protocols for people coming down with covid, all over the counter. He saved thousands of his patients using these supplements and herbs without resort to a vaccine or hospitalization. He also recommends using ivermectin and hydrochloriquin.

NOTE – For those who want more detail on the information I wrote a longer version with more exact science with background information from Dr. Zelenko and Dr. Mercola. But the above resources for the protocol recipe is only in the shorter version. Some of the information from above is duplicated in the longer version but with more information and details. I’m sorry if this makes for tiresome duplication but the two articles can be split and used independently if you wish to tell your friends – some will welcome the shorter version, some will want more information. This information needs to be shared because we aren’t getting the full story from anywhere else only the threats and fear factor. This is about solutions and they may be the only hope some people have.

Longer Version:

Care for those who had the jab or who live with those who have.

The ‘jab’ (vaccine injection) is not actually a vaccine, it’s a gene therapy and contains many unproved ingredients, many of which are either directly toxic or create toxic effects on the body.

The way they are rigged genetically is the virus in the jab goes into your body’s cells and changes the RNA and soon the very DNA of every cell as it courses through the blood and impinges on the body’s cells. As that cell is taken over genetically it becomes a factory for spike proteins. There are 3 stages of this effect.

NOTE: This information comes from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and Dr. Mercola (and others of equal proven trust-worthy-ness) who have been on the direct lines to uncover solutions for this pandemic and the effects of the vaccine which are turning out to be more toxic than the original virus. I trust the information sources from them. I don’t believe the ‘news’ which has been by observation intent on terrifying people and driving them to get vaccinated.

Acute – 40% of deaths like heart attacks, blood clots, strokes occur within 2 days of the injection. This is within the first 3 months.

Sub-Acute – 3 months to 3 years, where the genetic material impinges on the body’s own cells changing them – GMOing them – and toxic effects are seen. This is where the infections and inflammation gets rolling.

Then long term which is yet to be seen. Under normal circumstances and vaccine certification the process to certify a vaccine takes 7 to 10 years and includes short and long term studies on humans and costs millions of dollars. But in this case the process has been rushed through without the studies and bypassed all the safety measures to make sure it is safe. So long term studies are not available and it’s anyone’s guess how bad this could get. Animal studies of this type of vaccine creation was stopped because ALL THE ANIMALS DIED. This information has been kept from the general public but is available in CDC reports and has been uncovered by the researchers who have provided the information for this report.

We’re seeing this kind of kill off but because the media is being controlled to sell vaccination to the public through fear campaigns, people think they are protecting themselves from the virus by getting the jab. But the numbers are being intentionally hidden. The numbers of auto-immune illnesses killing off people in large numbers, and very high cancer being created has been hidden. This is already happening according to a pathologist in Idaho who says the numbers of both is up 20 times! Not percent, times.

As the spike proteins from the jab invade the whole circulatory system the blood vessels become lined with these sharp edged molecules (vessel walls are usually smooth) which damage the blood cells as they course through the vessels. This causes blood clots which present as heart attacks, strokes, brain clots, renal and pulmonary infarcts (a small localized area of dead tissue resulting from failure of blood supply), and are killing people in the hundreds of thousands. But the reporting adverse system in the gov. is blocking and scrubbing the numbers of adverse effects so based on a Harvard study, we’re only seeing 1% of the actual deaths and injuries being reported.

The mechanism is an immune trigger which is set up that when the body is exposed to any of the many covid type viruses (cold, regular flu, etc.) the receptors and anti-bodies in the body over-react and the body goes into incredible inflammation which goes out of control and kills the person. It isn’t controllable then, and the effect of the genetic changes are irreversible.

HOPE However there are ways to catch the mechanism before the trigger of the secondary exposure puts the immune system into overdrive. Immediately (within a couple of days or a week) upon first symptoms you go into a protocol. It is highly suggested that if you have had the jab you start taking this protocol as soon as you have had the jab and keep it up indefinitely as you don’t know when you will be exposed. (see below for the protocol)

The spike proteins are relatively short lived. But part of the genetic change is the creation of anti-bodies that now are permanent in the body and are what overreact. There were no long term safety studies on humans (usually 10 years to vaccines) but in the animal models, when the immune system was challenged by further exposure to the pathogens the vaccine were programmed to react to, are lethal because of the exaggerated response getting cells to fight each other. This is also called auto-immune. In the animal studies ALL the animals died after the second exposure and the immune system through the anti-bodies went nuts.

This is unconsciounable since we have very high success protocols to fight the covid virus with 99.95% recovery with no treatment and with the very high at-risk group, only 7% died (often in co-activity with a pre-existing morbid condition). Natural immune response is much safer, targeting broadly, not narrowly to the spike protein, once someone has had the virus as an illness or the immune just took care of it without symptoms. So there is no need for the vax at all.

It is being pushed by fear and coercion.

If the protocol is immediately put into place within 5 to 7 days there is an 85% success of preventing death with these interventions. Not to mention saving the collateral deaths from suicide, mental illness and exaggerated co-morbidity from isolation. The goal wasn’t to kill people, it was to create fear and control making the ‘need’ to be vaxed, a genocidal intention.

People aren’t just dying from the vax, it is causing sterility and miscarriages in the first trimester, lowering sperm count and women’s menstruation is being effected. Even young girls are bleeding in young childhood just living in a household with vaccinated people from the spike protein. If one wishes to lower the population you don’t just kill off people who are exposed to an illness, but you get them to take a lethal ‘solution’ which catches them if they didn’t die in the first place. And if that doesn’t work, you sterilize those who are left. This is a genocidal intent and it’s taking place before our eyes, only because the information of the actual losses are kept hidden, nobody knows it and they fall victim.

These spike proteins in the vaccine being injected are much longer lived than normal ones from a virus,which are short lived, due to their genetic engineering and treatment with polyetholine glycol (a preservative) as well as liposomes (fats) genetically manufactured. This makes them convert the genetic material from RNA to DNA as these get integrated into the cells, turning the person into a spike protein production factory engineered to create auto-immune response.

Depopulation  – it’s real and being cleverly hidden in a fear based ‘pandemic’ PR campaign.

The people behind this global agenda are known eugenecists. Eugenics is a philosophy from the 1800s “Eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices that aim to improve the genetic quality of a human population, historically by excluding people and groups judged to be inferior or promoting those judged to be superior. In recent years, the term has seen a revival in bioethical discussions on the usage of new technologies such as CRISPR and genetic screening, with a heated debate on whether these technologies should be called eugenics or not” which was the justification behind the killing of 9 million Jews, gypsies, ‘retarded’ individuals, old people, and races not considered ‘pure’ by the Nazi party. The people behind this believe themselves to be set apart and superior to the human race and have stated the intention to decrease the population of earth by 85%. Bill Gates and his father are known eugenecists. These globalists are Nazis, communists and sociopaths who consider themselves super humans – ‘gods’ –  giving them the right to determine the fate of anyone ‘below’ them. They have determined to eliminate our ownership of land, our choices in survival, the way we eat (eliminating the eating of meat for example), and no human rights or the sanctity of life. Instead of forcing people into gas chambers like in Nazi Germany, people are running into the ‘gas chamber’ (getting jabbed) out of fear.

So what do we do about this? Not lie down and die that’s for sure.

Dr. Zelenko and Dr. Mercola (and a host of reputable professionals) after a great deal of research have found a very workable and easy to apply protocol anyone can use at home without prescription having found the weakness in the auto-immune sequence of events intended to knock out people with a secondary exposure to any of the covid type viruses. You can do this! But you have to act in a timely manner before the body’s own immune system wakes up and brings on the inflammation stage.

Protocol: This stops the triggering of the anti-body over-reaction. Start from day one after jab or first sign of a cold-like symptom, or fever, etc. It keeps the body’s reaction out of the action when the body ‘wakes up’ to the danger of the pathogenic reaction response. This protocol removes the trigger. DON’T GET THE BOOSTER.

This protocol inhibits the replication process of the virus which causes spreading the growth.

Definition of ionophore

A compound that facilitates transmission of an ion (as of calcium – or zinc) across a lipid barrier (as in a cell membrane) by combining with the ion or by increasing the permeability of the barrier to it.

A cell membrane is made of a kind of fat called a lipid barrier. To get something into a cell it has to be able to move through this barrier and open it up so something can get in, in this case zinc. The ionophores below act like a transportation system through the cell wall barrier – like a little car through a gate.

Zinc inhibits the enzyme that makes the replication (copying or making more duplicates) into the cell of the virus. If the cell is full of zinc it won’t let the virus in to replicate. But zinc needs something to open the cell up to it – the cellular membrane so the zinc can get inside. This works for all strains.

Zinc needs a helper called an ionophore to do this. Quercetin or oxychloraquin or ivermectin or ECGC (green tea extract) does this, you just need one of them. But you can take more than one if you prefer. If you can’t get it, go to plan B

Take quercetin and Vitamin C as a unit is an effective ionaphores.

This can be purchased online or in a store. Don’t need a prescription.

Take D3 as a prime immune system booster. Take 50,000 iu 1 x a week it’s essential.

Vitamin C – especially with Quercetin as a co-factor ionaphor.

If someone has tendencies to clot blood, take a blood thinner like aspirin or NAC which breaks up the proteins of the clot.

If respiratory problems like asthma emphazima, chronic bronchitis or others, be more aggressive with cortical steroid inhalers or oral steroids, or hydrochloraquin or ivermectin or both.

Once someone has covid pneumonia throw everything at them because this has entered the inflammatory stage. Hydrate, stay out of hospitals if possible – treat hard and early.

This is a synergestic supplement –

Quercitin, C, Zinc, D3 in a single pill – Zstacklife.com

Watch the video for the complete details.

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Zelenko recommend using a nebulizer with hydrogen peroxide at a very low dose – .1% (diluted times 30 from what is in the store) every two days. Gives other benefits. You will need Vitamin C acting as a catalyst for the hydrogen peroxide, which also liberates iron which kills pathogens – 500 mg. per day.

D3 baseline 60-80 ng/ml.

Avoid any vegetable oils such as sunflower, corn, safflower, and avocado oils and olive oil if adulterated with any seed oil which sets the body up for metabolic lipo (fatty) toxins.

In a nutshell, here is a reiteration of the protocol: (with sources for the supplements in bulk)

Elemental zinc 25 mg. 1x day, (https://purebulk.com/products/zinc-picolinate-20 or https://www.amazon.com/BulkSupplements-Zinc-Gluconate-Powder-Kilogram/dp/B00GW1C4I2),

D3 5000 iu 1x day, (https://purebulk.com/products/vitamin-d3-5000iu-softgels),

C 1000 mg 1x day either ascorbic acid or calcium ascorbate which I prefer – https://purebulk.com/products/calcium-ascorbate-vitamin-c-bulk and

Quercetin 500 mg. 1x day (https://purebulk.com/products/quercetin-dihydrate-pure-bulk)

or if quercetin is unavailable

Epigallocatechin gallate –EGCG  (https://purebulk.com/products/green-tea-extract-powder-50-egcg) a green tea extract.

You get them in powder form, and make up your own capsules. Mountain Rose Herb Company sells a little capsule filling device that makes 24 pills at a time. I have used one for years.


You can get two sizes of empty capsules (each size needs its own filling device) for about $20. The empty capsules are available online https://www.iherb.com/pr/now-foods-single-0-gelatin-caps-approx-1-000-empty-gelatin-capsules/893 They carry both ‘0’ and ’00’ sizes. 0 size is 500 mg, 00 size is 750 mg.

Vladimirzelenkomd.com for protocols and studies. He also covers treatment of covid, not just vax problems. . https://sunfellow.com/dr-vladimir-zelenko-the-zelenko-covid-19-protocol/

This article is meant to be shared so as many people as possible can be protected and survive this attack on humanity. Best case scenario – you don’t get the injection. And for sure you don’t get a booster if you already have as this will add billions more spike proteins and other toxic substances making it harder for your body to fight it off.

Virus-free. www.avast.com

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