Early May at Hillside Gardens

Yesterday my intern Troy and my neighbor Rhys and I planted so many vegetables, and harvested a ton of organic garlic. If you want the best kind of garlic, I will be braiding them into garlic braids, let me know as they are for sale. I have to see how they turn out before setting a price but usually they contain about 8 to 9 large garlic bulbs and I sell them for about $10 each.
I have been making use of repurposed quart half and half cartons to start seeds, as well as roast chicken containers from Costco. We have been planting the started seedlings already and a whole lot of vegetable and herb babies are out there on my kitchen deck absorbing the sun.
In the garden we planted tomatoes, okra, basil, onions, several kinds of squash, icicle radishes, peas, bush beans, cucumbers, strawberry popcorn and indian popcorn, and several other things – all by companions – not like the above list helter skelter. We also put up tomato cages for the peas, cucumbers and tomatoes. A lot of watering, weeding, and other chores were accomplished, all in preparation for my being out of the garden directly for a few weeks. My interns will continue to come, I will continue to teach, I just can’t be getting my own hands in the lovely soil!
I also wrapped up a garden for a client in Houchton who put in 3 vegetable and one herb garden bed. I consult and help people who are new to gardening set up an edible and beautiful environment. She has two little kids, 3 and 5 who had so much fun helping to plant.
And I’m working on another permaculture design for a family in Alabama. I can help create these kinds of gardens and environments anywhere in the world with the use of the phone and internet if you are interested in having a Certified Permaculture Designer get the most out of your property. The boost in production is amazing.
I still haven’t gotten my new camera but when I do, you can see the amazing garden we have created here at Hillside Gardens. We recently put in 4 elderberry bushes, one yellow root, one service berry, and 4 other fruit trees in the food forest as well as a newly created sheet mulched bed which now is home to herbs and bee friendly flowers between two fruit trees in the food forest.
I will be back doing tours of the garden in about a month if you are interested. Contact me on my timeline.

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