Permaculture and Organic Internship open now Spring-Summer in Auburn, Ga.



OPENING Spring to Summer session NOW

Hillside Gardens, Auburn, Ga. in Barrow, County, NE Georgia

Permaculture* Demonstration Garden

Get in on the early Spring planting season on into Summer

Work, Learn, and have Fun in this beautiful bird, bee and butterfly haven.


Taught by Diann Dirks, Certified Permaculture Designer, 45 year organic grower, herbalist, researcher, educator, consultant.

7th Year of our Internship Program. Accepting only 8 people per session

so Act Now! Must be 16 years old or older.

Must be able to lift 30 lbs, bend over repeatedly, & walk on uneven terrain.


On our 100 bed facility, using Permaculture Design technology and natural laws:  Annual beds, Orchard and Herb Gardens, Vegetables and Fruit, Wild Crafting knowledge, Advanced soil techniques. Learn Korean Natural Farming techniques (ways of increasing fertility and soil ecology).


Minimum 4 month commitment, only one 4 hour week-day session required per week (but you may attend more if desired). Fee $45 for the 4 month program.


We will begin the season with seed starting and plant propagation. Don’t miss this fascinating process to choose the best varieties of foods and herbs.


This is the only Permaculture Internship program in the South East.


Increase awareness. Learn these subjects: organic soil building, seasonal plants, companion planting for best yield, organic fertilizing techniques, orchard management, herbs for medicine and food, bio-char, moon phase planting, harvesting and food and herb preservation methods, seed saving, composting, manure and weed teas for fertilization, rain catchment methods, creative plant supports, bee and butterfly haven creating, best garden tools and their use, container gardening, raised bed and in-ground methods, berms (hills) and swales (ditches) for water catchment, contour bed arrangement, mulching, pest handling without chemicals, relationships with nature and the organic garden for highest yield, using no chemicals or GMOs.

Get your hands dirty in beautiful rich organic soil and have fun!


If you are interested email, Personal Message at FB – Georgia Dirks, or call 678 261-8141 and leave a message so I can get back to you (I don’t answer if I don’t recognize the number so please leave a message.)

*Permaculture Design is a science of design based on natural laws and an ethic towards the environment: care for the earth, care for people, equitable use of abundance.


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