Bug Off Mosquito, Tick and Bug Repellent KIT and Serum


Finally a bug repellent with no harmful chemicals, smells nice, isn’t sticky, and works like a freight train! No bug bites. The serum alone is great for flying bugs. If you include the essential oils, it keeps off ticks. If you want to save some money, buy the kit, make your own serum, and have enough for all summer. The herbs except the lavender blossoms are all grown here at Hillside Gardens under strict organically grown conditions – we never use chemicals!!!! The soil is especially rich with minerals and beneficial micro-organisms which let the plants really absorb the nutrients. I use it myself and use it with my interns, and have for several years. If you use it, you don’t get bitten.

The serum is a ready made concentrate that you dilute. The kit contains the herbs you make up at home. The essential oils are a separate packet. All the herbs (except lavender blossoms) are Organically Grown from my big garden. Essential oils are therapeutic grade chem. free.

If you have a big family or use a lot, I suggest you get the kit instead which includes the herbs you make into a strong tea. It’s economical – makes a LOT more than just the serum will. It just means you have to make the tea. It comes with good instructions. It’s easy to do.

Once the tea is made keep it in the frig and put it in a spray bottle a batch at a time, (or you can freeze some for later). It contains beauty berry leaves and stems, lemon grass, & lavender blossoms.

If you want the tick repelling enhancing essential oils, that’s another $5.Ingredients: Rose Geranium, Tea Tree Oil, & Peppermint, (optional – Citronella). These are powerful repellants of ticks!!!!

For the kit – You make the infusion (tea) of the herbs: bring a big pot with 3 quarts of water  to a boil, add the herbs, lower it down to a simmer, and let it simmer gently for about 2 hours. Add a bit more water to keep it to 3 quarts. Then you cover it and let it sit over night. Strain. This makes it a serum. Then dilute it – add 2 parts serum, 1 part water, 1 part witch hazel (which preserves it & adds bug repelling properties and dissolves the essential oils).

Add the essential oil packet and let it dissolve. The oil is on a piece of fabric. Just leave it in the pot. Then add about a tsp of vanilla extract per pint of liquid. Put the mix in glass jars (mason jars or used wine bottles, etc.) with a tight lid. Put it in your own spray bottle as needed.

For the Serum –  You dilute it 2 parts serum, 1 part water, 1 part Witch Haze. If you get the essential oil add the packet and let it dissolve, leave it in the bottle.  Refrigerate, put in spray bottle as needed. Shake before pouring in spray bottle and before spraying.

We are heavily infested with ticks around here having a big deer population, and we also are loaded with mosquitoes. But we spray ourselves well before going out in the garden and we don’t get one bite, even with them swarming around. Be sure to spray skin, clothing, shoes, face, and hair. It’s not sticky.

It contains no harmful chemicals and to this date I’ve never had anyone react to it except my husband who can’t handle citronella essential oil. Everyone else loves it. The kids of my interns go thru quarts of this stuff and love it. It smells nice (vanilla, lemon). And it WORKS!

The kit is a result of so many people wanting it and saving money (instead of having me make the serum with less volume) even though it takes a bit of time.

Kit (enough for 3 quarts) or Serum (10 oz. liquid – makes 20 oz.) $15, Essential oil packet $5, Shipping flat rate $8.

You provide: Witch Hazel, Vanilla Extract, Water, Spray bottle, Glass containers for finished product.

Accepting Paypal – use:  didirks@comcast.net Or send check to: 922 Wexford Way, Auburn, Ga. made out to Diann Dirks

Diann Dirks, The Garden Lady of Georgia, FB Georgia Dirks, Blogsite: The Garden Lady of Georgia, em: didirks@comcast.net   Hillside Gardens, Auburn, Ga.  Organic Gardener, Herbalist, Permaculturist

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