Diatomaceous Earth Magic

By Diann Dirks


It’s interesting to me that something that looks so innocent and ordinary (looks like flour) can have so many miraculous benefits. This substance is the mummified remains of quadrillions of tiny micro-organisms deposited in the earth millions of years ago. In an electron microscope it looks like chex mix filled with little holes with sharp edges. This stuff is negatively charged like activated charcoal which means it draws to itself positively charged particles.

Toxic and poisonous substances are positively charged as are bacteria, virus, protazoa, yeasts, and bodily fungus and parasites as well as many kinds of chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical debris and others. In other words most of the bad stuff that is in your body is positively charged. Having something that draws it like a magnet to itself then flushes it out of the body is like the garbage man taking away the trash in the neighborhood.

Without some kind of regular detoxification our bodies would drown in the garbage. Drinking lots of pure water, exercise, clean air, and good organic food keeps the amount of that garbage down, but in our modern life, we can’t always live like that. So, having a way to detox is critical to our health. So, I’m always looking for simple remedies that can be done inexpensively, simply, and without a lot of tech.

A friend of mine who has originated wanting to detox her body was looking for how to do it when she can’t do detox baths, doesn’t handle heat (as in sauna), and has a bunch of physical problems screaming out to get rid of the toxins and poisons accumulated from living in L.A. and having surgeries and such. So, when I came across something in my research I know can help someone I passed this on to her. She was elated to find something so easy to get access to, and use. It has no flavor, is totally safe to use in moderation, and does wonders for absorbing toxins out of the whole body but critically throughout the whole gastro-intestinal tract.

Believe it or not, in our ‘modern society’ we shudder to think of those horrible parasites growing in people who live in Third World societies and can’t imagine us having those here, but we get a large percentage of our foods from those 3rd World places, and it hitches a ride to our table. We have worms, various bacteria, fungus, and the above list of creepy crawlies living in our bodies, many of which don’t succumb to cooking. So, we end up being a host for a lot of unwanted guests. They attack our gut, causing leaky gut, and the inflammation arising from that disorder, and we end up hurting a lot from it all. Not to mention stealing vital nutrients our own body needs. Hurting isn’t the only problem these nasties cause. Inflammation is a major cause of a lot of illnesses and chronic conditions we are suffering from now. It also ages the body.

In our gut, we harbor collections of stuff our body has trouble eliminating. We get various build-ups of metals, toxins, parasites, and mucus. DE acts like a sponge traveling thru the system picking up and scrubbing out these accumulations. Colon cleanses and various products are on the market to help this, but DE taken every day is so simple. When junk isn’t lining the colon, the body can absorb the nutrients we eat much more efficiently, and when the parasites aren’t eating what our body needs, we actually get what we need out of what we eat. This pays benefits in energy, better metabolism, a lighter load on our immune system, and an efficient body that repairs itself.

DE has been used for a long time to kill those parasites in the body. Even though it’s just a white powder, seeing it in a microscope, not only is it porous but it has very sharp edges that are glass sharp. This doesn’t hurt our own body. But for little critters like parasites, when it is ingested by them, it cuts up their innerds and kills them.

It also does this externally when dusted on pets to kill fleas, lice, and even bed bugs. The bugs eat it, they die. You can put DE in pet food daily and keep them from getting parasites too.

It also kills slugs in the garden and many kinds of pests. It’s handy stuff.

I recently learned that ‘DE’ is about 85 to 95% silica (depending on where it is mined). It turns out that silica is a necessary component for bones to absorb calcium. What’s osteoporosis but the loss of calcium. This means our bones become brittle and weak. It’s why in older people, a fall often leads to broken hips or fractures in other areas. This takes place over a long period of time as we loose silica, calcium vacates the bones, leaving holes where the calcium was. Because most people are deficient in silica, and it gets moved to more critical places in the body, we don’t notice the long term loss. But if we start even in youth to keep our silica content high, the collagen which holds the body together in soft tissue, and the bones which are structure, stay strong. This means we stay young longer.

Silica stimulates metabolism for energy.

It also supports and helps to correct inflammation of the inner ear, a cause of hearing loss. It also may help with vertigo, tinnitus (buzzing in the ear), headache, and some say insomnia.

Thru research it has been found that the body can transform silica into calcium (called a calcium precursor) when it needs it. (1) It turns out that more women die of osteoporosis than breast or many other kinds of cancer. Silica is responsible for the depositing of calcium into the bones. Important when calcium is being leached out regularly. Since calcium is being moved around in the body to neutralize fluoride in the body, the obvious source being the bones, by drinking fluoridated water (calcium is the only thing that neutralizes the devastating effect of fluoride which is highly mutation causing) we leach the calcium. This may explain the greater osteoporosis being seen in people over the last aprox. 70 years when fluoride started being introduced into our water supply around the end of WWII. There are other uses of calcium in the body, to neutralize the acidity in our food supply for example. It goes and it comes mostly from the bones. It’s a ticking time bomb.

Arthritis is often the wearing away or inflammation of the tissues at the joints like tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and sinovial tissue which creates the lubricant in the joints. Occasionally it’s a disease process, but then again, it’s inflammation that causes the pain. When there is no or little cartilage, and the joint is bone-on-bone, this causes pain as well. So, all those tissues that make up a joint need support.

This is important to know when you have a broken bone because calcium needs to be absorbed and used to repair the fractured area. Silica also helps the body absorb magnesium and phosphorus which also are necessary to building bone tissues. So these are also important for repairing osteoporosis.

Without silica, the body can’t manufacture collagen because it’s a major component. Collagen is a substance that gives elasticity to tissue. Often we hear about collagen being injected into the lips or face to give us a youthful boost. But collagen plays important roles all thru the body. One of those roles is giving lubrication to the joints. This plays an important role in flexibility. We all want to move like young people do who have sufficient silica in their bodies, not just look young. In fact collagen is the glue that holds our bodies together.

Silica supports the skin as an important mineral for skin and connective tissue. The degrading of connective tissue is what causes wrinkles and skin sagging. By regularly using DE this rebuilds your store of collagen for youthful elastic healthy skin.

Tissue degeneration tends to accelerate as we age. This leads to older looking skin from lack of good circulation – that gray look. It also shows up as lack of moisture, a dry and thinning look to skin. DE/silica holds in moisture and increases the body’s ability to hold onto moisture which can be compromised when the silica content in the body decreases. The average amount of silica in a healthy body is about 7 grams, needing a great deal more silica than iron for example. Most people have way less of it than 7 grams which means we have to rebuild our supply and keep it up.

Silica may also help with various other skin issues such as injuries, rashes, itching, benign skin sores, callouses, warts, eczema, burns, frost bite, acne, abcesses, and boils.

By taking DE regularly you will also notice an improvement in your nails. It can also be applied to nail funguses. And it helps with food intolerances as well.

Making a DE exfoliation treatment by mixing a thick paste of 2 TBS DE and a few drops of water (optional add a few drops of your favorite essential oil like lavender) once a week will clear away skin debris. Or add it to your favorite skin cleanser. Scrub gently in a circular motion and leave on a few minutes, or rinse immediately. Don’t let it sit too long though as it can dry the skin.

As we age our hair also takes a hit from toxins, lack of nutrients, and wear and tear from the products we use on it. Hair is rich in silica but when we are deficient in it or it isn’t replaced, the shiny healthy growing hair we enjoyed as teenagers becomes brittle, dull, and not so much of it. DE stimulates hair growth, helps prevent hair loss, and improves texture and strength of our hair. It can also help prevent baldness.

Adding DE and some coconut oil to your shampoo once a week strengths and cleans the hair, feeds it, and brings out the healthy glow. Don’t scrub, just mildly massage, rinse, and use a conditioner and pat dry.

Silica also gives elasticity to veins and arteries, and strength to heart muscles and tissues. It also lowers cholesterol, removes plaque in the blood vessels, and helps regulate blood pressure. It’s a wonderful heart protector because of these things, and helps to repair the after effects of heart attacks or other heart events. A tablespoon a day in water, juice or coffee is all I take.

We worry about fat and cardiologists tell us to cut out fat in our diets. This is not actually a good idea since our bodies need fat to loose weight and for energy. But it’s where the fat goes that is the issue. When it lines our arteries and veins, it can close off flow and cut circulation. But DE absorbs trapped fat in the digestive tract. The silica clears the arteries.

Weight loss is often a goal our doctors set for us, or when we can’t fit into our skinny jeans anymore. Because DE detoxes, it can have an effect on the efficiency of our metabolism. When the body is more efficient, it burns fat easier. When it doesn’t hurt so much to exercise, using up calories is also a lot easier and less painful.

We are seeing a tremendous increase in cognative disease in this country such as Alzheimer’s. This has been traced by scientists to aluminum deposits in the brain. Most of the aluminum we absorb comes in thru the drinking water (unfiltered) in our beverages (the coffee and tea you get in a restaurant is only minimally filtered), (sodas and bottled beverages are not monitored for aluminum content in the water they are made from), canned foods are not processed with highly filtered water. So, we are getting it in a lot of our foods. The silica in DE keeps aluminum from being absorbed, lowers aluminum concentration in the brain, bones, liver, spleen and kidneys. Think of it as a scavenger for all the metals and toxins you are exposed to. It actually draws aluminum out of the brain and carts it away.

We hear about news scares of vicious disease outbreaks and wonder if our immune systems are up to the challenge. If you have school aged children, you know how they get exposed to every flu bug and cold flying around. You get exposed to virus, bacteria and various illnesses just being in contact with public. We get the PR about having flu vaccinations but for me, I’d rather not be putting aluminum and live viruses into my body when they actually do not have good stats for preventing illness. Instead it’s important to boost your own immune system so your body can fight off anything you are exposed to.

When your beneficial gut microbes are in good order, the toxins and metals are cleaned out of the digestive tract, the parasites are gone, and your general health is good, your immune system fights off most of what is traveling around. Silica in DE supports the immune system by its ability to produce antibodies which are what fight disease.

Candida is a growing systemic (whole system) infection in our culture. It robs us of energy, and makes life a lot less joyful. DE treats microbial disease by killing the candida or yeast infections then flushes the toxins and unhealthy material that candida clings to and encourages growth. If it doesn’t have the food it needs (be sure to cut out sugar too though) and can’t hide in debris and toxins, and you are continually cleaning out the digestive tract where that debris hides out, you get rid of it.

General plumbing help – Because DE/silica is a diuretic – gets the body to manufacture urine and expel it – this flushes out the captured toxins and metals, virus, bacteria and other creepy crawlies. It also goes into the stomach and intestines and removes mucus and disinfects areas such as ulcers. H. Pylori is the bacteria that causes ulcers, and silica captures and kills these germs. It also normalizes hemorrhoid tissue at the other end of the intestinal tract. It also acts on the kidneys and helps prevent kidney stones. It also heals UTI infections. It clears constipation and diarrhea.

Lungs also get a boost from silica. It increases the elasticity of lung tissue, repairs, maintains and restores, reduces inflammation in bronchitis, decreases coughs, helps with the upper respiratory tract and tones the lungs.

It also has a positive action on the lymphatic system which is responsible for carrying away toxins and debris from the cell activity. It is an antioxidant – something that neutralizes ‘free radicals’ – substances that are lacking an electron which roam through the body grabbing and mutating the internal workings of the cells, causing destruction, and even cancer. Free radicals are formed from exposure to poisons, radiation, injury and a number of other factors. Increasing the anti-oxidant functions in the cells are across the board protection to all bodily functions.

Your teeth have a lot to do with your general health. It has long been known that the nerves that connect up with each tooth also connects up with specific organs or systems in the body. When a tooth is in trouble, it communicates trouble to the connecting organ or system. So keeping your teeth healthy and intact in the body is important. Old folk wisdom says that when a person’s teeth go, end of life is near. We have dental practices now that help with dental health, but if anyone has had to suffer from wearing dentures, you know the value of keeping your own teeth as we age.

Meanwhile DE/silica hardens the enamel of the teeth, helps prevent cavities and preserves teeth. It also prevents the bleeding of guns, gum atrophy and recessing of the gums (you’ve hear the expression for old age ‘long in the tooth’ – this is from gum recession). Gum recession can lead to the loosening of a tooth and ultimately loosing it. DE/silica also helps fight ulceration and decay of the underlying bone and tooth decay, and lessens inflammation in the mouth. Sprinkling DE on your favorite toothpaste, or making your own tooth powder with salt, baking soda, coconut oil, peppermint essential oil (few drops) and DE is a lovely tooth cleanser.

Interestingly enough, with all the news about radiation from Fukushima traveling across the planet, having a way to get rid of radiation in the body is also important. Because the particles of radiation are positive, DE also latches onto them and gets them out of the body.

For women going thru menopause, DE/silica helps with many of the uncomfortable symptoms as well as aiding in the regeneration of bones which often start showing signs of osteoporosis about the same time.

My favorite way to get this into my system is in my morning coffee. I like cream and coconut oil in my coffee with some stevia, and a heaping teaspoon every morning is just fine. I also put it in pancakes, and cooked food when I can. The research I have is that a tablespoon a day for adults and a teaspoon for children is just about right. You can put it in juice, plain water, or baking. It disappears in muffins and pancakes. Your family won’t know it’s there.

All this is just some of the uses DE has for daily living. It has many uses in the home, garden, yard, and clean up (absorbs oil spills) as well. Smelly garbage cans get a scrubbing with DE and some baking soda (I buy this in bulk too) and pet blankets get some DE in the wash. I buy mine in 10 lb. bags and have it around. So far I have found the least expensive source is Chewy https://www.chewy.com/s?query=Diatomaceous+Earth&utm_source=yahoogemini&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=DiatomaceousEarth-Hard&utm_content=s&utm_term=302825200819  10 lb. $20 free s&h









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    • didirks says:

      I’m not sure if your comment was this site. I was unable to see the entirety of your post. But I looked over the site and had the thought that I have used DE for many years to help keep my body cleared of parasites and detoxed. I use it in my garden to keep pests off plants. It also is loaded with the components that build collagen in the body and many other goodies which were in my blog. Do you disagree? I couldn’t access what you said.

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