Creating Christmas

Yesterday I spent the day making sugar cookies for Christmas. I used to bake about 40 dozen cookies every Christmas doing about 15 different kinds, besides tarts and coffee cakes. So good. I like my baking better than anyone else’s cookies ever. I use real butter, organic flour, special eggs, etc..
Then I realized that for a whole day’s work I got about 5 dozen cookies (what didn’t get nibbled on because I also love the raw dough). When I baked all those cookies and goodies in times past, every year I’d gain 10 lbs. and it wouldn’t come off. I baked for a whole week!
So I told my husband I would make one kind this year and it was his choice. So he chose these sugar cookies which could also be called butter cookies. OMG so good. I realized I do this because they are do darned good. But also because I love certain traditions, and this is one of them.
Do you have special traditions this time of year?
I make a sour cream coffee cake with brown sugar/cinnamon/walnuts for Christmas morning and home made from scratch oyster stew for Christmas eve dinner (along with a green salad and fresh French bread and butter).
I decorate the house with fresh greens and some fairy lights, and this and that from my collection of Christmas dishes and tea pots. I play Christmas music when I’m working, and I sent out cards. And a few of my closest friends get gifts, usually things I have made or grow.
Do you do this too?
I’m thinking the homestead way of life is full of creativity. I love it. I haven’t purchased one thing from a store as a gift this year except the cookie sprinkles I used baking yesterday. Everything is from the heart!
So, to you who read this and everyone who follows me and my blogsite (, I wish you a very Creative and Joy Filled Christmas season, and the love of friends and family to fill your hearts.
Happy New Year in 2019 – a year filled with prosperity and happiness.
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2 Responses to Creating Christmas

  1. Aquila says:

    Cookies and Christmas will forever be bound together for me. From the years when I would come home from school to a huge old Victorian house filled with the smell of cookies baking (yes, always real butter was used and still is), to the years I did the cookie baking. It’s just the last few years there has been no baking, due to circumstances beyond my control, and I very much miss it. I don’t care about extra pounds, those work off quickly enough. For me, it’s the connections with my family, my history and memories which make the cookie baking precious.

  2. didirks says:

    I hope you find a way to have your family and your memories along with the cookies in the oven and the house filled with those wonderful smells! Merry Christmas.

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