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The Dilema (A seedling saga)

It’s just past the middle of February when usually I’m thinking about what spring seeds to start in my sunny window. We’d have a few inches of snow on the ground, and I’d be dreaming of spring. Instead I have … Continue reading

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Garden and Medicine Making Tips

Here’s a tip for those of you (us) who make our own medicines. When making herbal tinctures or infusions – either water or oil – how to strain out the marc (herbal solids) can be difficult. I make my own … Continue reading

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The Importance of Bio-Diversity in Food

Diann Dirks 2-4-19 We are loosing our food varieties at an alarming rate. When large conglomerates like Monsanto (and others like Cargill) decided to take over food and control it to their profit, they started buying up the little seed … Continue reading

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The Abe Lincoln video is out from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds featuring me at the end.

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