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Lyre Leaf Sage (wild) Bee friendly, Medicinal, and Historically significant herb.

4-19-19 For several years I have seen a pretty purple flower with colorful leaves (purple in winter, green in summer) growing around my garden. It is my habit not to automatically pull plants if I don’t recognize them because … Continue reading

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Basic Social Skills – Sharing A Life Lesson

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to flow effortless through friendships, social situations, have loads of friends, and are well thought of? Even if they aren’t the brightest bulb in the candelabra or aren’t physically attractive enough to … Continue reading

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Katie and the tick

I was going thru some things I wrote last year and came on this. It was written last April – so I thought it was apropros. Anyway, it’s a lesson and laugh in one punch. It’s once again tick season. … Continue reading

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Food and Water Safety and Radiation Solutions

I’ve been researching radiation detection devices for a couple of years. Recently several companies have come up with small relatively inexpensive devices that can be used to detect radiation and x-ray contamination that are portable – a bit bigger than … Continue reading

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