Food and Water Safety and Radiation Solutions

I’ve been researching radiation detection devices for a couple of years. Recently several companies have come up with small relatively inexpensive devices that can be used to detect radiation and x-ray contamination that are portable – a bit bigger than a cell phone, different sizes and shapes, but light weight. Their prices range from $130 up to $300+ but mid range is about $140 to $200.
Why is this important?
Our food safety is important because Fukushima radiation has crossed the Pacific and the fallout is being detected across the country. This means that some of the food grown in this country is possibly contaminated as well as the water. Two years ago they were getting Geiger Counter readings off the beach in San Francisco, fairly high. It has increased as the water of the Pacific is bringing the continuous flow from the reactors over there with no end in sight.
Also, there have been several leaks and mishaps in our own nuclear power plants that have been suppressed in the news which have released some radioactivity. We aren’t being informed of the actual state of this type of contamination. The US Geological Society was told to stop monitoring the radiation levels in the Pacific during I believe it was the Obama administration, so I don’t think even the government really knows or they aren’t sharing that information.
The thing about radioactivity is not the energy itself but the panic and upset it causes people. I believe it is the unknown factor because you can’t see, taste, or feel it. We live in an era where nuclear testing of bombs went on in the deserts of the Southwest and in the Pacific before WWII, and afterwards, that contaminated us. Plus the wars in the middle east using radioactive fuel warheads and ammunition have contaminated large areas over there and the wind can carry it a long way.
Also some of our common devices are slightly radioactive, like some smoke detectors for example, so unless we can monitor our environment, we can’t switch out things that may be causing a problem without our even knowing about it.
We also get exposure to EMFs from cell towers all the time. If your cell phone works, you are being exposed to those frequencies. And ‘smart meters’ on your dwelling are run by microwave, a type of radiation. It’s in our lives from many directions.
So rather than think terrible things and get upset, my solution is to monitor the food, water, and my garden soil, as well as ambient environmental energy level and that is now possible for everyone with a small investment. Most of these instruments even have a history and can tell you how much exposure over a given amount of time.
Here is a site that has many of these devices which can be reviewed by you and then choices made if you are concerned.
There is other good news about this because just because radioactivity or other types of energetics are there and you may be exposed to it, you can always do positive things about it.
1. Besides monitoring the air, you can test your food, your water supply, and your household and change out things that aren’t good.
2. There is a water purification system that removes radiation from the water supply as well as cleaning out the toxins, but leaving in the good minerals. We have used this system for 6 years and because it solves that problem so well, I became a distributor. PM me if interested. Several models are available.
3. Three is a personal purification program which can remove accumulated radiation including nuclear, x-ray, radar and other sources of damaging radiation from the body, as well as get rid of accumulated toxins including pesticides etc., recreational drug residues, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other toxins which cause illness and loss of energy and vitality. If interested, please PM me. I will send you the information. It’s the best detoxification program on the planet.
4. Educate yourself. Knowledge is power. We can’t expect the news media (which are powered by the commercial world, not your best interests), the government (with its own agendas), or your neighbors to keep you informed accurately. We have the internet, libraries, and our own intelligence to serve us well and using them may be the critical things of survival to get us through these ‘interesting times’ (remember that old Chinese curse – “May you live in interesting times”).
5. Eat organic foods, grow your own as much as possible so you know where it is grown and what went into it. So much of what we eat comes in from Central and South America, Mexico, Hawaii (on the Pacific being exposed), the West Coast – California, Oregon and Washington State). Connect up with farmers market growers locally who you can get to know personally and choose who you trust. Grow your own remedies so you can stay away from toxic drugs and over the counter meds as much as possible (most of which have toxic elements). The more toxin free and clean your body is, the easier it has of handling anything damaging because your immune system is in good shape and your cells are working well.
6. Keep your gut in good shape – take probiotics, stay away from foods containing or grown with antiboitics (like commercial beef and pork, farm grown fish, commercial large scale chickens etc.), eat fermented foods like Kombucha Tea, Water and Milk Kefir, no-sugar or artificial sweetener foods and yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, or fermented vegetables. Even beer made at home is rich in probiotics. If you must take a course of antibiotics, take the time and effort to restore your gut microbes afterwards. This includes if you have had to take chemo-therapy.
That all being said, don’t be afraid to live. Get outside and exercise, get sunshine, smell the daffodils, just take a bit of attention and time and keep this aspect of modern living in mind when you eat out, go to the grocery store, drink from a bottle of water or drinking fountain. If you take your little Geiger Counter with you, that looks like a cell phone, run it over the stuff you want to buy or eat and drink, and check out its safety, you KNOW. Takes 30 seconds. You can make you and your family safe if you take responsibility for your own health.
Live well,
Georgia Dirks (FB) The Garden Lady of Georgia 4-4-19
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