We woke up night before last with the A/C crashed and the house slightly uncomfortable. It’s well insulated so it retained the temp in the mid 70’s but didn’t portend well for the next day with the temps close to 100.

My husband fixed it.

Here’s what he did (before we called an A/C company and spent a pile of cash):

He checked the breakers – too great a draw can trigger it to shut down,

Checked the outdoor unit for ice – sometimes if it works too hard, ice will form inside and it will close down the system until it melts,

Then he got out the shop vac and vacuumed out the drain line from the A/C unit coming down from the attic. This was clogged and he had to pull a lot of junk out.

Clean the filter – this can get too clogged and strain the system so much that it shuts down.

Check the overflow pan by the furnace/A/C unit. If it has a float switch that closes down if the pan gets too full. If no float switch, you can find water running down a wall. This happened to us last year with water flowing out of a light socket – yikes. This ended up being full. We siphoned off 5 buckets of water.

He rechecked the drain line to the outside of the house which was then running well.

The A/C turned back on and we now have a cool house once again.

I thought you might like to know what you can do for yourself. A visit from an A/C company can easily go to $100 or more.

About the only thing people don’t do by themselves is recharge the refrigerant. I hope this helps.

Keep your filter cleaned out on a regular basis. In particularly hot weather, close off rooms that aren’t in use by closing the vent outlets. Keep your windows covered where sun comes in. Keep doors and windows closed. Limit the amount of stove and oven use inside. If you need to cook something, consider a slow cooker/crock pot or quick Instapot.

Stay cool.

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