Nano Particle Contamination and Solutions 10-14-2019

Recently I saw a post on FB promoting the use of nano-particle glutathione as a health product.

Nano technology is a subject that has made me very interested and in the hundreds of articles I have found and read, I have found out a few things.

Ice cream companies are adding nano-particle sized ingredients to make them seem creamier. Cosmetic products proclaim ‘micro’ ingredients (translated – nano) to apparently increase more and better absorption, to make for smoother less wrinkled skin, etc. And the list goes on, from food, cosmetics, toiletries, medicine, and to other industries.

Many large corporations have added entire divisions for nano-particle sized ingredient research and it’s showing up all over the place because of it.

As a rebuttal to that promotional article on FB, here was my response.

Nano tech is relatively new. I’ve researched it. Many companies now have nano divisions madly researching it for food, medicine, cosmetic and toiletries and various other industry applications.

But I have seen ZERO research on long term human testing for safety, or cross research on use of multiple substances.

Over my 73 years of being inquisitive and watching trends, I have seen so many times where people in their haste to create a product (expecting huge profits, why else would they go to all that expense and effort), without bothering to find out how to handle the toxic waste, the long term effects, the back lash in the environment. Think of all the various pharmaceuticals you have seen over the years removed from the market after finding they cause worse diseases than they were meant to treat. I’m sure you can think of a few examples. Or ‘solutions’ that turned out to be bigger problems. The makers never bothered to research the long term effects their new products cause.

The results of this irresponsibility and short sighted-ness have caused untold amounts of suffering, death, financial ruin, and environmental disasters to others than the ones causing it. Why do we never learn? Why aren’t the governmental agencies that were set up to prevent problems not doing their jobs in this way? Maybe because when adverse reactions are found, they are carefully covered up (we have seen this in the news for decades) in order to protect profits. This is called collusion, corruption, and betrayal to the public.

So, can we count on the government to protect us from these things? No, we need to take responsibility for ourselves and our families by being truthfully informed. Not buy the ‘company line’ and hype. Let’s drop the naivete. Let’s not be foolish. We can’t afford to be stupid because it’s our health, our future, and our families at stake.

The internet is here to review, read up on, and research, and it’s free. That’s why I take the time and effort to inform thru this blog. But there are many like-minded people out there who also try to help and protect. Just use your judgment because there is also a lot of false information and junk science out there too. Always check your resources. Personally I take it all with a grain of salt until I have read up on everything on a subject, then make my own judgment. It’s worth the investment in time. Or follow who you trust.

Nano-particle technology is one of those sneaky apparently innocuous non-dangerous facts of life few of us question. So, I hope this article sets a few things straight for you.

Nano particles are so infinitesimally small that they pass right thru the skin or organs without anything stopping them.  Or in the case of their presence in vaccines (aluminum for one) they wander about the body invading unsuspecting organs and systems. If it is conductive material such as aluminum, it also disrupts the natural flow of energy around the fields in the body which regulate normal functions. It’s energy frequencies generated by the brain and endocrine systems which tell the body what to do, when to do it, and how to protect itself. When this energetic information generated to keep the body operating at every level gets disrupted this can be disastrous.

The nano-particles apparently gather in odd places in the body, meaning if they are conductive, they act as an energy disruptor, as well as chemical imbalance. My suspicion is that being charged, they gather at energetic points but it isn’t known how or why.

In the reply to my original questioning in this article on FB, the originator stated my un-acceptance of the premise of the promotion (nano-particles of a nutritional substance being healthful) was based on ignorance. So saying it is my ignorance that I am suspicious of any uses of it, is ironic because the whole industry is ignorant of the long term effects for lack of research. The industries using these tiny particles in vast amounts have no idea what they actually do that could be harmful or disruptive. Because they don’t want to know. They are only interested in the beneficial aspects that can be marketed. “Side effects” are unknown if they aren’t researched.

Yet in earlier examples of unresearched side effects, the problems don’t usually arise until many years later when odd anomalies start to surface, only to be discovered as ‘causes’. Think asbestos, and now RoundUp causing cancer. It gets sorted out in the courts, but only after years of suffering. My advice: Stay ahead of the curve.

These particles are not usual molecular size. The kidneys and the other 4 eliminative organs (see below for the list) in the body are set up for normal sized chemicals and processes. So, companies that are selling them in products, please do not tout the benefits of these tiny particles without showing the research of how they are being processed by the body (which doesn’t exist because it hasn’t been done). The normal sized molecules of glutathione (the substance being promoted in the article) can be handled by the body as they are already in nature. How the nano particles are used is anyone’s guess. How any metabolic waste is processed is also a guess if it is actually used by the body in metabolism.

So, until there is research on this, no one can say it is safe. It is extremely irresponsible to say that. And because the laws on the books do not cover any ingredients of such small proportion they can be placed in food or products without showing up on the labeling. So it’s damned sneaky.

Even finding out who is using it seems to be considered “trade secrets” in various industries. So, in order to protect our health in an environment where toxic substances are constantly being introduced, one has to be knowledgeable and alert, and quite frankly, suspicious.

Does this sound like a rant? Maybe it is. But here’s the thing – I am one of those people who when I find something can present problems to people or the environment, staying silent makes me culpable just as much as the perpetrator. And I know the mechanisms of Karma in life. It’s a boomerang universe. What you put out, eventually comes back and pops you in the head.

Knowledge is power. Ignorance in today’s world is very dangerous and yet those who would foist off on the public useless or dangerous products for profit only, or worse, control, do not care that you don’t know or understand what the long term effects are of what they may be doing, but in fact they count on it. So, being aware of things allows us to avoid the pitfalls, promote and support the good things, and know the difference.

One of the reasons I became an herbalist and Permaculture Designer was that I saw these two bodies of knowledge and wisdom solutions to the problems the planet presents. And because by my own creed, the purpose of life is to help others, and a person is only as valuable as he IS able to help others, then finding solutions to the world’s condition has to be something I can do something about.

We are being presented with nano-particle substances constantly in our life today. Vaccines contain nano ingredients (the research on this long term has been hidden from us for pharmaceutical industry profits – vaccines contain aluminum, mercury – two of the most toxic substances you can put in your body) as just one example.

And if you go outside and look into the sky, and see perfectly straight ‘clouds’ in the sky, you are looking at chem-trails which are composed of nano-particles of aluminum, barium, strontium, silver, and in some cases uranium and other toxic substances, ostensibly to control the weather (called geo engineering).

Yet in the research I have read, nano particle sized substances actually prevent forming rain drops in precipitation. But the conductive metals in the chem-trails are able to carry forth frequencies broadcast from cell towers, HAARP arrays, and other energetic source points. They actually make our atmosphere, which in nature is not charged except during thunder storms, charged and conductive. Since our bodies have energetic fields that monitor and control all our physical functions, having them influenced by outside frequencies that are resonated inside the body by the presence of nano-particle conductive substances, this has the potential of causing systemic (all systems of the body) alteration and mutation. Cancer is cell mutation. Wonder why cancer is such an epidemic now, or Alzheimer’s caused by aluminum in the brain, or auto-immune diseases that never existed prior to 50 years ago?

So, if you can’t escape the effects of chem-trails, you can at least lessen the invasion of your bodies by nano conductive material and their destructive presence by avoiding ANY vaccines (they all contain adjuvant – how the vaccine can affect the body – of nano aluminum).

You can avoid purchasing or using any products that contain metals (such as aluminum in baking soda, deodorant, and other products, read your labels), or that use nano-particles (hair conditioners, facial and body lotion, etc.). See the articles at the end of this blog about which companies and products contain these particles or do your own research, especially about food.

Not all nano particle containing products are metallic or conductive, but because they are charged particles, and they are random and unstudied, the effects can compound. This stuff is not found in nature and we probably won’t know the full extent of the effects for generations. But it has been my observation that nature is a very old and well tried and true system. When we alter it or push the limits of the system, by observation, we pay the price later. When we stick to what is absolutely natural, we may make a few mistakes, but rarely disastrous ones.

We have 5 organs in the body (see the list below) that eliminate toxins which are generated in the cells by metabolic process (burning of fuel and their waste products in every cell in the body), and toxins and poisons coming in thru the skin, the lungs, and the mouth. Usually the tiny beneficial micro-organisms that line  the whole digestive canal from mouth to poop hole (called the micro-biome), and the liver  weed out and surround these toxic particles so they can be eliminated. But nano sized particles are an unknown quantity in nature, and therefore whether they are taken care of or not, is a crap shoot. They are too small to be filtered out by the kidneys or liver. They pass right thru the tissues with no barriers. Even into the brain/blood barrier invading the brain’s activities.

These eliminative organs are: digestive/intestinal system, lungs, skin, kidneys, and when all else fails, the reproductive organs. (Notice the increase in breast cancer, cervical and ovarian and prostate cancer over the last 30 or so years?) They were never designed by nature to handle these kinds of particles. They are too small to be filtered out. And they mutate the cells of these eliminative organs just as they do the rest of the cells in the body. So even the elimination of toxins and poisons can be compromised.

So, keeping them flushed out and supported with nutrition and herbs that strengthen them is important. Milk Thistle for example helps cleanse the liver. Kombucha Tea detoxifies the liver and restores the beneficial micro-organisms to the gut. Fermented vegetables also restore the micro-biome with the beneficial micro-organisms which help detoxify. This is a whole body of information which when explored can do a lot to keep you healthy or restore compromised health. But not the subject of this article.

However, constant and consistent detoxification in any way possible can at least pare down the assault on the body’s systems and tissues.

First eliminate the sources as much as possible. Grow your own organic food or purchase from known sources for food, and if not possible, eat only organic. This is why farmers markets are so important because you can find out how things are grown or produced from the actual growers.

Filter your water. If you have a well have it tested regularly for toxins. If you collect rain water, it can contain chem-trail substances, but you can purchase over the counter good filtering systems like Zero Water (forget the pitcher filters, they just take out chlorine and a few other substances). Or get the best under the counter filtration system on the market that even takes out radioactive particles – Pure Effects:\

If you like what you read, please consider purchasing thru me to help support my blog site: I researched filtering systems for about 16 years before settling on this one (and wasted a LOT of money on inferior ones). It leaves good minerals in but takes out 99% of everything else, heads and shoulders above anything else on the market. And it makes delicious water.

Do regular saunas, especially if available an Infrared equipped one which actually detoxifies into the by 3”. Or just do something that makes you sweat often.

Take regular detox baths: Fill the tub as hot as you can tolerate, with 1 cup Epsom salt, ½ cup Hydrogen Peroxide, ¼ cup baking soda, essential oils if you wish, a few drops of peppermint (muscle soreness), lavender (relaxation and antiseptic), calendula (skin soothing and healing), or others (some like rose, rosemary, etc.), and sea salt or Himalayan salt (for minerals). Stay in at least 40 minutes and let it cool off naturally. Drink pure water while bathing to keep your hydration in as you will be sweating out toxins while you sit in the tub.

Drink plenty of pure water during the day. To add to that benefit, sprinkle a pinch of Himalayan or sea salt (we like a combination of Real Salt brand, and Himalayan mixed 75-25), and a squeeze of half a lemon which alkalinizes the body and adds electrolytes to balance the fluids in the cells, and helps draw out toxins from them. Don’t drink tap water.

Be physically active because one of the major ways the body detoxes is thru the lymphatic system. This system isn’t driven by a pump like the heart does for the blood.

Lymph is a thick liquid which circulates around every cell in the body and carries away metabolic waste and dead tissue cells. The pathways of this liquid are pushed along thru a series of valves going one way only, by the action of muscles squeezing it along thru the valves. The liquid then is drawn in and processed by lymph glands in the groin, the neck, the chest (in women, the breasts – one reason breast cancer is on the rise as toxins mutate the cells of the breast, especially if impeded by under wire bras forcing the toxins to stay in the tissues long enough to cause mutation), and under the armpits.

Do not use anti-perspirants as they block the elimination of toxins thru the sweat. Instead make a DIY spray deodorant using ¼ cup Witch Hazel, ¼ cup aloe gel, ¼ cup pure water, 1 tsp glycerine and a few drops of your favorite essential oil – I like lemon essential oil which also smells nice and kills bacteria that causes odor. Place in a small spray bottle, spray your pits and let it dry.

When you make the muscles contract thru the body, this forces the lymph liquid thru the pathways to the lymph glands. The glands process the toxins and direct them into the heart. The blood in the heart moves the processed waste to the kidneys and liver which filters them out and disposes of them, in ideal conditions. This is a vital part of the immune system. The micro-biome of the intestines is about 80 to 85%, and the lymph most of the rest. Lymph node locations:

Keeping the immune system and the detoxifying activities healthy and active helps the natural actions of the body keep itself healthy overall. The body is an amazing organism with many fall-back systems to help rid the body of things that make it not work. But so many challenges are presented that block or hinder, or shut down these systems, it’s a marvel we stay as well as we are. But when they do shut down or lower, then disease can enter, slowly or abruptly. So, staying on top of it when we are symptom free is vital.

Cancer can take 15 or more years to grow enough to cause symptoms. Diabetes can sneak up. It may take years for an auto-immune condition to get annoying enough to take us to the doctor. So, keeping the body free of toxins in any size or form is a kind of insurance.

So, exercise regularly, or at least stay active physically. Gardening is one way I have kept fit for years.  Barbara Kingsolver called it “Garden Yoga” in her book “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”. One of the many benefits of growing your own food and medicinal herbs. Another one is exposing your body to the beneficial natural micro-organisms found in organic soil – which btw are exactly the same ones found in your healthy gut micro-biome.

Plus putting your hands in the soil (without gloves), or exposing your bare feet to the earth (or swimming in a lake or pool exposed to the conductivity of the earth), actually energetically helps to ‘ground’ your body. This is a natural source of anti-oxidant activity to overcome the mutating effects of free radicals. In nutrition, an anti-oxidant is a substance that neutralizes free radicals. Free radicals are any kind of molecule in the body that is lacking an electron in one of its atoms. This makes it ‘hungry’ for another electron which it will grab from any neighboring molecule.

It’s like a bandit that indiscriminately grabs and disrupts anything within reach. If this happens to be the RNA/DNA – cell pattern – in the cell, it makes the pattern a mutation which gets reproduced over and over (think cancer tumor). Or if it’s a cell wall, it can cause aging and cell deterioration (think exhaustion, poor metabolism, low energy). This is what cellular mutation is, which is what causes cancer and many other illnesses.

Free radicals are caused by toxins and poisons in the body which knock off the electron in the first place. The earth is a giant battery of free electrons coming from lightening striking the earth hundreds of times a second someplace. When you expose your body to the earth, it sucks up free electrons which then fill in the empty spots on the chemicals and structures of the body, healing them back to normal and stops the chain reaction of further mutation. This is called ‘grounding’. Little kids have the right idea running around on the grass bare footed. Wonder why they have so much energy? Grounding helps energize the body too.

You can get grounded any time by connecting your body to the earth without insulation disrupting the intake of the free electrons. Shoes made of rubber or synthetic material, plastic flooring, wood, asphalt, all insulate. Leather shoes, uninsulated concrete, most natural cloth, metal, water, all are conductive and allow the free electrons to pass to your body unhindered. You can purchase conductive pads that hook up to the little round hole in your electric outlets, which you can sit on, or put in your bed to sleep on. But going barefooted on earth is best – half an hour to an hour a day if possible, or going swimming especially in a natural pond or lake. It’s like plugging into earth energy, actually it IS plugging into earth energy.

In Sweden, it is common practice for contractors to stand around on the job site for an hour in the morning before work, drinking coffee, and chatting as they ‘ground’. Then they put their shoes back on and get to it. These men keep working into old age because they don’t get arthritis due to free radical damage. Grounding is a terrific way to stave off disease and joint wear and tear. Grounding is particularly important if you do physical work for a living. When I was a tile repair artisan for many years in California, I swam three times a week and kept going into my 60s, doing work most women couldn’t even think about doing. When I stopped swimming, arthritis started appearing. The exercise and the grounding kept me going.

Bottom line, avoid the disruptive elements in the environment and products, keep the body’s natural defenses working by feeding it pure food and water uncontaminated, exercise to keep the machine in good running order, grounding, and learn as much as possible about what you are putting in and on your body. (Nano particles are being added to blue jean material now to make them ‘water resistant’, which transfer to the skin.) And question every product! If you can, make and grow your own food and medicine so you know what is in them. And connect up with likeminded people who share your understanding or can help you build on it.

For continued similar articles to help you stay ahead of the curve, join (follow) this blog so you get all the articles as they come out.

Thank you for reading and following my journey. Enjoy good health and grow old in that good health.

Diann Dirks  10-24-2019


Resources and further reading sites:

Nanites php on chem trails



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  1. Amy Lammers says:

    Thank you for the very interesting read, with lots of info to look into too! You are one smart lady!!

  2. didirks says:

    Thanks Amy. Glad you found it helpful. Enjoy the other links.

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