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Simple Pleasures 11-23-19

It was my 74th birthday this week and I had a moment to consider what makes me happy. Of course I would be glad to have someone give me a sack with a couple of million bucks, but that event … Continue reading

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Correction on Non-Monsanto Seeds

In my recent post about seeds, I stand corrected. Territorial Seed Company is not a Monsanto company and should go on your Safe Seed Pledge list. I had incorrect information and apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Johns (owners). Territorial Seed … Continue reading

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Winter Growing and Seed Sources 11-13-19

We got hit by a 22 degree freeze last night. Three weeks ago it was 97 degrees. We watched the weather and had a couple of light frosts but this was the change from fall to winter around here. So, … Continue reading

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