Rainwater Using and Collecting – Easy 2-5-2020

Rainwater – We are having one heck of a storm front move in here in Barrow County, Ga. with flood warnings.

So, I put out my clean big aluminum roasting pans on the deck to catch rainwater. But you can put them out on a driveway or walkway, but not where it comes off a roof or plants.

If you grow house plants or are starting seeds for your garden, rainwater, especially if it has fallen during a thunder and lightening storm, is the best. The lightening separates the nitrogen out of the atmosphere and the rain picks it up. So, you are watering with nitrogen in the water. Ever notice how the lawn greens up after a thunderstorm? This is why.

Also, the energy from the lightening energizes the water which the plants love.

You can save this water for quite some time. I save the big containers from cat litter for this. Just rinse them out when they are empty and pour in the rainwater. You don’t need a rain barrel to collect this luscious water.

To easily get the rainwater in the container, I cut off the top of a liter plastic bottle from soda or vodka (from making tincture) as a handy repurposed funnel. And the bottom of the bottle to dip it up from the roaster.

After collecting it, you can use a water filter that is gravity fed (I like “Zero” water filter as a pitcher or counter top unit best but use whatever you have as you only want to get particles up, no chlorine in this) to drink – as it is naturally distilled.

Did you know rain catches star dust as it falls? so it also has minerals in it.

If you have noticed a lot of chem trails in the sky wait a few hours from when it starts raining before collecting the water.

This water when filtered makes great tea or coffee water or for soup or infusions. Just rinse your roaster pans out after collecting and saving the water, let them dry, and set them where they don’t collect dust. Once filtered and put in clean containers, it makes good survival storage.

No chlorine, fluoride, chloramide, or any other nasty chemical is present. Also, the energizing of the water neutralizes (wipes away) any signature of unwanted frequencies imprinted on the water from earlier exposure. If you know how homeopathics works, where the frequency of an unwanted, toxic or poisonous, or pathogenic substance has imprinted (water has an amazing capacity of holding onto those frequencies for years), these frequencies stay in the field of the water molecule which can have the same effect energetically as having the actual chemical in the water. Rainwater has been purified in a way no filter can effect.

If you are camping you can string up a tarp between trees to collect rain, collect it in a collapsible bucket or 5 gal. pail with a lid, and use it for washing up, laundry, dishes, or washing your hair. Boy does it make your hair shine! Just have one side of the tarp lower to channel the flow into any container.

You can also keep this water to kill off your fire before leaving the campsite.

Isn’t it amazing how our planet takes care of us? We are blessed.

Diann Dirks 2-5-2020



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2 Responses to Rainwater Using and Collecting – Easy 2-5-2020

  1. I thought about you today as tornadoes moved through your area. Hope all is well!

  2. didirks says:

    Thank you for your caring. We heard the sirens but no problem here for us. It was quite a storm though, loads of rain.

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