What is in the CV-19 Vaccine and Why 7-22-20

I usually don’t post things on this blog site that are controversial or have negative information, but when I see something that might harm people, my friends, my followers, or that have great impact, I am remiss in not at least giving you the opportunity to inform yourself.

The subject of mandatory vaccines for CV19 has come up broadly and we are told it is going to prevent people from getting sick or will be the solution to the pandemic.

I’ve followed the subject of vaccinations for about 30 years and have seen the whole science of it and the creation of them changed from an organic process of using horse antibodies from living animals turned into totally unnatural and unhealthy laboratory substances. Laboratory vaccines now contain virus, aluminum in the form of nano-particles (which the body can’t detoxify as it’s too small, and which will pass thru the blood brain barrier to your brain – now being found to be a major reason for the increase of brain disorders including Alzheimer’s), and a number of other very potent toxic ingredients.

The old method actually helped people and prevented some disease, though the research I have read states that the lessening of disease of the kind usually vaccinated against such as childhood disease, polio, etc., has been impacted mostly by better hygiene, better sanitation, more thorough and available nutrition, etc. than vaccination.

Yet vaccination as a process has become a hugely profitable industry. Interestingly enough, the most patents held for them is the private corporation called the CDC, yes it is a private corporation, not a gov’t agency so much though there are major links between gov’t. and the CDC.

Bill Gates, who is a lifetime eugenicist (https://www.newsbreak.com/news/1541212472125/eugenicist-bill-gates-demands-digital-certificates-to-prove-coronavirus-vaccination-status  https://tottnews.com/2020/04/09/gates-family-eugenics-covid-19/) which is a movement in back of the NAZI party’s genocide of the Jews and Hitler, and is also a Marxist (Communist), has been pushing to force everyone to be vaccinated with the soon to be released CV-19 vaccine.

The Bill Gates Foundation has made it a major mission to vaccinate huge areas of 3rd World nations (to a eugenicist’s viewpoint – useless eaters, a prime target of depopulation), and has been behind the push for vaccination as a ‘solution’ to the pandemic – spelled ‘depopulation’.

He has stated vaccination is the way to depopulate the world, and he’s in his glory now, trying to use CV-19 as a vehicle to force everyone to be injected either with needle or ‘patch’ with this ‘solution’ – which the Nazis called the Final Solution (which also killed gypsies, old people, retarded and mental patients by the millions, not just the Jews) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Solution

So, I was sent this video from a blog with a video of a long time researcher, nurse, who thru a lot of connections and research found out what is going into these vaccines and why. I consider this vital information for people, especially who are naive enough to think vaccinations are there to help you.

I think you would want to know what they plan on putting into your body before you blindly walk into something so hard on your health and your future. Do your own research but according to the nurse who made this video within the video, you will be hard tested to find anything as it is a very well kept secret. Make up your own mind about this. Liberty is about choices.

CV Vaccine genetically altering human genome and AI tracking all our data https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kpJESKPqCo&feature=youtu.be

How to handle this? Refuse to be vaccinated, don’t allow your children to be vaccinated, and organize with people who are like-minded because the forces pushing this are very well organized, and an individual has little chance against it without help. Just sayin.

Once vaccinated your body’s genetic makeup will be permanently altered, the genetic alterations include setting your body up for cancer, and the nano-computer chips in the vaccine allow your every move to be monitored. Plus, since you are now a genetically modified organism, your body is now the property of the nano-chip created corporation, just as the corn in a field of GMO altered seeds is the property legally of Monsanto or whoever is the current owner of that genome. That’s how the laws have been set up to pull this off.

So, don’t get vaccinated!!!!!

I will follow this blog with more information about growing your own un-modified foods, how to make your own unaltered and natural medicinal herbs and remedies, and everything which leads to health and good living. All real solutions to our changing world.

Remember, there is always something you can do about it. We don’t have to buckle to this craziness, especially if we communicate with others of like-mind and are willing to protect ourselves and our families. Price of Freedom: Constant Vigilance, Constant Willingness to Fight Back.

A bit of history – President FDR in his first inaugural address said:

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”

We are being constantly confronted with things to make us afraid – afraid of being made sick, afraid of our family dying, afraid of upsetting others, leaving our homes into an unsafe world, breaking some kind of regulation or other, and offending someone.

But if we are to survive these times, we must be courageous, think for ourselves, be causative, be organized, and not let others rob of our freedoms under the Constitution.

Our future is at stake.

Millions of Americans have given their lives to keep our freedoms, now is not the time to hide in our homes shaking with fear and letting the powers behind the chaos get the better of us.

Mr. Trump has been working hard to drain the swamp of the people behind the pandemic and all the losses of freedoms, so let’s reelect him now before the Marxists make this into a communist country.

Winston Churchill said during WWII at the height of the hard times:

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

“The true guide of life is to do what is right.”

“Nourish your hopes, but do not overlook realities.”

We are at a crossroads. Vaccines are just one manifestation of this and we must know enough to stay strong.

Diann Dirks  7-22-2020

You have my permission to share this with anyone you think can confront what is happening. Don’t use it to frighten people who can’t handle a harsh reality. We need brave people to know what is happening.


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