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Bringing Back Bitters for Health

Bitters Benefits  2-1-18 You may know I have been studying digestion for Loren (my husband with GERD). But while researching, I have come up with some very interesting data for people with diabetes, blood sugar issues, weight loss and food … Continue reading

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Permaculture and Organic Internship open now Spring-Summer in Auburn, Ga.

INTERNSHIP PERMACULTURE AND ORGANIC GARDENING OPENING Spring to Summer session NOW Hillside Gardens, Auburn, Ga. in Barrow, County, NE Georgia Permaculture* Demonstration Garden Get in on the early Spring planting season on into Summer Work, Learn, and have Fun in … Continue reading

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Good Design in Life

Good Design in Life By Diann Dirks If you look around you, you will find everything in your life that you use (even nature) is based on a conceptual design, manifested into physical universe stuff. There are things that work … Continue reading

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First Big Freeze of the Winter

We’re expecting the first low freeze tonight. 20 something, brrrrrr! So, we have to get ready. We’ve had a lot of leaf fall, which can be bunched up around potted plants outside for added insulation, then covered with plastic. Here’s my … Continue reading

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It’s Transition Time at Hillside Gardens

At last we’re having some frost and the leaves are turning in brilliant array, after a very late autumn. I’m very happy for this because it has allowed much work to be done in the garden which needed doing. When … Continue reading

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Fermented Fertilizer DIY

FERMENTED COMPOST/MANURE TEA Keeping soil fertile with vital nutrients and charged up with beneficial micro-organisms is key to having good yield. Using commercial fertilizer gives you pretty veggies with very little of the minerals and other nutrients our bodies need, … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Mulching

As any gardener or farmer knows, the success or failure, work load, and attention necessary of growing things is all in the soil – it’s fertility, texture, depth, ability to hold moisture and general health. One of the Permaculture Design … Continue reading

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