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  1. Loved your interview by Debra Lynn Dadd! Someday, I’ll have (or share) a food forest too.

    • didirks says:

      Thank you Regina. The idea of sharing a food forest is really a good one. Having started or designed a number of community gardens, creating one that will last into 7 generations as a food forest is a true community garden, one that will provide food and inspiration for a long time. Perhaps you would benefit from reading Cindy Dill’s “A Georgia Food Forest” where she does an excellent job of giving her readers not only how to create a food forest in general, but also specific cultivars and guilds for building one here in the South East. They are available for purchase through this blog site. For further reading and research contact me.

  2. didirks says:

    Hi again Regina, I have done 12 shows with Deb Dadd on Toxic Free Radio now and I thought you might like to see what else we have been up to. If you are interested in some really lovely sustainable vegetables, check out Jerusalem Artichokes (aka sun chokes). I have really beautiful fresh ones for sale now if you are interested. I can ship them for you – check out ‘for sale’ on the blog. If you live nearby- I’m in Auburn, Ga., you can email me at and come by for a tour of the garden, and pick up tuber starts. I also have some really wonderful seeds for your food forest for sale as well. Let me know. Let me know if you have begun your food forest and how it’s doing. Best, Diann

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