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Transitioning from Summer to Fall in the Edible, Orchard and Herb Gardens

By Diann Dirks 10-9-18 Hillside Gardens, Auburn, Ga. Many of us have gardens in the summer. But did you know that unless you are in the bitterest of cold areas, growing cool and cold weather crops can substantially increase your … Continue reading

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A Treasure Plant – Sida rhombifolia

Sida rhombivolia aka Wireweed, Broom Jute By Diann Dirks 9-27-18 Flowers and developing seed capsules Photograph by: Fagg, M. Image credit to Australian National Botanic Gardens Here is one of those amazing plants that just blow the mind with their … Continue reading

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Making Echinacea Tincture

Here at HIllside Gardens, our lovely Cone Flowers (Echinacea purpurea) have been blooming all summer and are now ready to harvest and make medicine. I have a limited number of plants so I prefer to just harvest the flowers and … Continue reading

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Summer transition for fall/winter gardening

Fellow gardeners and greenies, in most parts of the country fall doesn’t have to be the end of your gardening or food production. In more northern areas double walled hoop houses well anchored and heated by a rocket mass stove … Continue reading

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What is Permaculture Design?

The word Permaculture comes from “Permanent and Culture”. It’s how nature runs – using permanent systems (cultures) that have survived billions of years on this planet. This is a scientific system of environmental design based on the long term observations … Continue reading

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Rascal   My cat His art is being… Calm, engaged – in being. His language in his eyes He looks at me Straight on Time unthinking Just here. Enticing me to stroke his soft head and ears Reaching up With … Continue reading

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Bug Off Mosquito, Tick and Bug Repellent KIT and Serum

  Finally a bug repellent with no harmful chemicals, smells nice, isn’t sticky, and works like a freight train! No bug bites. The serum alone is great for flying bugs. If you include the essential oils, it keeps off ticks. … Continue reading

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