Permaculture Design Consulting and Speaking Engagements

Design services using Permaculture and Korean Natural Farming techniques, including Bio-char, organic gardening, compost tea and all the natural laws Permaculture Design is based upon. Calling on 45 years of organic gardening, Certification in Permaculture Design since 2009, and years of personal experience growing food and herbs in several areas of the country gives you the tools to grow your own food, set up or expand upon, or increase yield of any agricultural environment from a small plot in a yard or patio to a large farm or CSA (subscription farm), botanical garden, herb garden, or food forest.

Terraced Raised organic garden beds handling severe erosion with Permaculture techniques.


If you are interested in help with your project or a full design, contact me here or by email – – and we will address your project with full attention for highest yield, earth friendly design, fully customized to your vision and needs.

For payment of services engaged or ongoing, please push the Donate button below.

Speaking engagements and workshops for a single person or group, please contact me as above. Use the Donate Button to pay fees agreed upon by personal contact, email, or Facebook – Georgia Gardenlady on FB.

Garden Class Auburn, Library

Garden Class Auburn, Library (First on the left)


Diann Dirks,

The Garden Lady of Georgia, Hillside Gardens, Mothers School of Self-Reliance, Certified Permaculture Designer, Auburn, Ga.

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2 Responses to Permaculture Design Consulting and Speaking Engagements

  1. Maryam says:

    Hello, I can you please recommend some books on how to build soil? Thank you.

    • didirks says:

      Hi Maryam, Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza is probably the most easy to understand one. In Permaculture it’s called ‘sheet mulching’ but that will get you very good soil. Good Gardening. Diann

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