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Welcome to the radio shows I’ve done with Debra Dadd on Toxic Free Radio and Jeanne Powers on Liberty Beacon Radio. Listen to the archived links below.

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I am Diann Dirks. I am here to tell you how to get started growing food and be successful—even if you’ve never grown food before or tried and failed. I am going to talk about why we should grow at least some of our own food, the state of agriculture today, industrial food, nutritional value, how to get started growing your own food, and much more. I am an artist, researcher, writer, author, speaker, community activist for local farmers markets and community gardens, 45 year organic gardener, homesteader, Certified Permaculture Designer, agricultural and home garden consultant, educator, herbalist-in-training, 1700’s re-enactor, animal lover, wife and homemaker.

16 . ChemTrails – 25 Aug 2015

15. Protecting yourself from Summers heat, heat exhaustion, heat stroke. 16 July 2015

14. 19 Mar 2015 How Fermented Foods Help Our Health and What You Can Ferment Now at Home

  1. Trees for food, removing toxic pollutants from the air and many uses and relationships of them, plus how to grow them and when.

12.     The connection between Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K

11.     Ebola

10.     Water Kefir, natural probiotic for hot weather beverage

9.     Building a Food Forest for perpetual food supply

8. Seed Saving 8/21/14     Seed Saving and keeping our food system bio-diverse and alive and well.

7.      The connection between soil microbes and ones’ gut and immune system.

6. All about GMOs also found at:
June 23, 2014      All About GMOs w/ Deb Dadd

5.      Growing with a Black Thumb, Anyone can grow their own food 5/21/14 w/ Deb Dadd

4. – Water Kefir: a cool fizzy drink for hot days that is actually good for you, Apr 24, 2014 w/ Deb Dadd

3.      Building a Food Forest for a Perpetual Food Supply Mar 25, 2014 w/ Deb Dadd

2.      Late Winter Seed Starting for Spring and Summer Harvest , Feb 25 2014 w/ Deb Dadd

1.      The first show – on Kombucha Tea – A Traditional Natural Detox, w/ Deb Dadd 5 Nov 2013

1a.     Chemtrails with Jeanne Powers

General link archives for later shows on Toxic Free Radio with Debra Dadd.

Note – transcripts of shows are available on Toxic Free Radio Archives.

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