Seed Corner


It’s that time of the year when we are planning our gardens. Now is the time to share and swap our favorite or unusual seeds.

For those of you who love to seed save and who have found wonderful varieties that are hard to find or you have loads of them, I am setting up a way to seed swap.

I ask that only heirloom, heritage or open pollinating seeds are offered. No hybrids or GMO seeds please. The purpose is to save our bio-diversity of plants.

I also ask that if you do accept a variety of seed that you promise to grow it, and save the seeds. Then you can enter them again this fall or share them as you wish. Just do save them. Also if you are swapping from outside of Georgia, it is your responsibility to be up to date on your state’s laws about sending them out of state or receiving them in state. I’m only providing a conduit.

Email me at with the kind you have which you wish to swap.  I will password protect this part of the blog on seed swap days (announced in advance) and list all of the items for swap and the owner’s email address. Every person who has emailed me will receive the password via email the night before the seed swap. Check your email then please.

For each seed type, please include the type of plant (example ‘tomato’) and the specific cultivar (example Big Boy), whether it is heirloom, heritage (a little bit about it) or open pollinating, the zone it needs to be grown in, and a bit about its needs (acid, alkaline, rich, well drained soil, sun, partial shade or full shade, best times to plant, any germination needs such as ‘soak first’, how deep to plant the seed and how far apart the plants) and anything a person would need to know to have a successful planting. Please also put the year it was collected. Make sure when sending the seed that you label it with the above information. If you wonder what is needed, look on the back of any commercial seed packet and give as much of the information as you can. If it has a family story, please include that when sending.

The first seed swap will be the second Sunday of March 10 March 2013. Please have your information in by the 5th of March.

5 Responses to Seed Corner

  1. Katy says:

    Will you all do another swap? Can I be put on a mailing list to inform me about it? Where are they held?

    • didirks says:

      Hi Katy,
      We had no takers on the seed swap I announced before. I believe there wasn’t enough lead time on it. It was going to be an on-line swap we would arrange by secret addresses for those wishing to swap. It didn’t happen. If you have seeds to swap and want to swap for things we have here, go to my email address and tell me what you want to swap and what you’re looking for and we can do it on our own. I have a very thorough selection. Whatcha got?

  2. didirks says:

    Hi again Katy, Recently I attended a seed swap in Decatur, Ga. put on by a local group. I was astounded at the variety I tapped into. I had brought over 100 seed packets of perhaps 30 cultivars, and some Jerusalem Artichoke (sun choke) tubers, which disappeared quite amazingly quickly. I have a feeling that if you emailed or called all your gardening friends, you could put on your own local seed swap as this is the time of year for it. If you wish to swap or purchase some of my Jerusalem Artichokes, they are fresh and beautiful this year. Email me at didirks@comcast. net and we can arrange it if you are interested.
    Good gardening – and get your trees in NOW, as well as your tree pruning, and starts for spring of annuals.

  3. Sheila Washburn says:

    I am interested in heirloom tomato seeds but I have never done this before. I got your email address from Baker creek and I live in NC. What do I do to get some seeds. I love growing heirlooms because of the color but mostly the taste. Thx

    • didirks says:

      Go back to Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co., and look at their catalog. Once you know your growing zone (USDA website has a map you can find your zone), look at the tomatoes and see which one looks good (or more than one). See if it’s in your growing zone. Order it there. Once you have your seeds, watch this video and follow directions. Good luck.

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