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Fermented Fertilizer DIY

FERMENTED COMPOST/MANURE TEA Keeping soil fertile with vital nutrients and charged up with beneficial micro-organisms is key to having good yield. Using commercial fertilizer gives you pretty veggies with very little of the minerals and other nutrients our bodies need, … Continue reading

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Gardening in the heat of summer – tips for avoiding heat prostration or worse.

The weather here is getting hotter. Some of you may be new to the area and not used to our weather in the South East (I’m in Georgia) so here are some tips for keeping safe and healthy in the … Continue reading

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June Pests – Squash Bug aka ‘stink bug’ alert

This is a good time to check for ‘stink bug’ squash beetles and cucumber beetles on your curcurbin plants (all the pumpkin, squash, cucumber, melon and gourd family). Look on the leaves for bronze colored tiny rows of little round … Continue reading

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